You’re unique and you know it.
You know you’ve something of value to offer
And long to put it out into the world.

But a little voice stops you…

You’re not alone! As women, we often get stuck in the cycle of self-doubt, self-criticism and subconscious fears, or become engulfed in sadness and shame.

We show up as lesser versions of ourselves because we’re deeply divided with all that is bright and beautiful within us. In living up to other people’s expectations, we forget our own dreams. Until they begin to haunt us…

If you wish to live a life true to yourself, its time to break free!

Hi, I’m Homaira and I can help you do so! As a self-worth expert in positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy, I can help you break free from subconscious fears, find the inner safety of being ‘enough’ and live life as the most authentic version of yourself!

How? Through scientifically-backed and research-based strategies, tools and techniques, I help you take ownership of your life, change the neural pathways that holds you back, and strengthen the ones that take you to a full life of no regrets!

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Why Fear Cripples Us

Fear makes us feel out of control. We get triggered, anxious, overwhelmed or unhappy and desperately try and control whatever we can. Often though, we control what we shouldn’t. We control our food, our bodies, other people and external circumstances that are best left alone. This reaction may calm us in the moment, but it imprisons us in self-defeating patterns of behavior.

Strangers to Ourselves

From our very early years, we receive subtle and not so subtle messages that disconnect us from who we are. We hide and reject parts of ourselves we don’t like to feel accepted by others and to fit into a society that worships perfection. Instead of embracing our wholeness, we shut ourselves off from our authenticity and look to others to help safeguard our failing sense of self-worth.

Leading From Within

As women, we are called to lead in many areas of our lives. This takes a certain courage that’s missing when we fail to grow inner self-worth. We doubt our lovability and competence, and struggle because we’re driving with the brakes on. When we develop self-worth, we learn to lead from within – and become leaders at work, in relationships and in all aspects of our lives.

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Online Course on Building Relationships
Online Course on Building Relationships
Online Course on Building Relationships
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