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Hi, I’m Homaira.img_0087

I help women overcome their challenges, connect to their vision, set empowering goals and live the successful and meaningful life they’re born to live.

No more self-help books that work temporarily. Or information overload that applies to everyone but you. My work is based on rigorous research of what works and on how to make it work for you.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working with women who want a successful and purpose-driven life that feels true to them. Who want to feel secure and appreciated in their relationships. Who want to have the courage to live everyday feeling happy and alive!

These are smart and ambitious women. Just like you. Women with big dreams but a negative voice that stops them. Its time to break free. Its time to live your potential. Because the only moment is NOW!

A great many articles and essays cross my computer screen each day. The majority that I click on, read from start to finish, and gain wisdom from tend to have one thing in common: they are written by Homaira Kabir.
-Sandra Joseph
Broadway performer and keynote speaker

Homaira’s articles and advice have helped many women on Forbes, Huffington Post, Positive Psychology News Daily, and on her coaching site. If you find yourself avoiding fears, she’ll give you the best advice.
-Nancy Clark
Director Forbes WomensMedia

I have enjoyed your writing, so glad when I see your name in my inbox.  You draw out the feelings women experience daily so that we can stand back and question why we feel what we do. Thank you for that.
Jacksonville, Florida

Is It Fear Crippling You?

Fear makes life feel out of control. And so we try and control whatever we can. We control our food, our bodies, other people and external circumstances that are best left alone. It’s the fear we need to control – and here’s how.

Feeling “Not — Enough?”

From our very early years, we begin to hide and reject parts of ourselves we don’t like in order to feel accepted by others, and to fit into a society that worships perfection. Here’s how to embrace your wholeness instead.

Can’t Reach Your Goals?

It’s rare that our goals are beyond our reach. What’s far more common is that our fears – of failure, of change, of rejection, of commitment get in the way. Here are the questions that fuel your motivation again!

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