You’re unique and you know it.
You know you’ve something of value to offer
And long to put it out into the world.

But a little voice stops you…

Most of us know that voice much too well. It lives in our head and is filled with self-doubt, self-criticism and subconscious fears that limit us to our comfort zones.

Sooner or later, we become deeply divided with all that’s bright and beautiful within us. We begin to live a life that’s disconnected with our authenticity, our passions and purpose. We show up as lesser versions of ourselves and leave a growing trail of regrets behind…

If you wish to live a meaningful life, its time to break free!

Hi, I’m Homaira and I can help you do so! As a positive psychology coach and a cognitive behavioral therapist, I can help you grow authentic self-worth so you lead from within, take charge of your life, and reconnect to the vitality of meaning and purpose in everything you do.

How? Through scientifically-backed and research-based strategies, tools and techniques, I help you align your inner paradox, embrace your wholeness, challenge the neural pathways that holds you back, and build the inner strength to show up fully in the world!

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Why Fear Cripples Us

Fear makes us feel out of control. We get triggered, anxious, overwhelmed or unhappy and desperately try and control whatever we can. Often though, we control what we shouldn’t. We control our food, our bodies, other people and external circumstances that are best left alone. This reaction may calm us in the moment, but it imprisons us in self-defeating patterns of behavior.

The Pain of Not ‘Enough’

From our very early years, we receive subtle and not so subtle messages that disconnect us from who we are. We hide and reject parts of ourselves we don’t like in order to feel accepted by others, and to fit into a society that worships perfection. Instead of embracing our wholeness, we focus on our inadequacies and live with the pain of never being ‘enough’.

Forever Searching for Meaning

We’re all a paradox of opposing needs, some louder, some deeper. But in the noise and distractions of the world we live in, we tend to lose balance. The needs of an emotional brain silence those of a conscious brain, and all the more so when we struggle with low self-worth. Sooner or later, our lives begin to feel empty, shallow – and an endless search for meaning begins.

Begin my Inner Evolution!


Homaira Kabir featured in Salt, Forbes, Happify, Pscyhology News Today, Huffington Post and more reputatble publications...

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Change Yourself. Change Your Relationship
Change Yourself. Change Your Relationship
Change Yourself. Change Your Relationship
Homaira Kabir - positive psychology coach/ cognitive behavioral therapist/ writer/ artist/ mother