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I want to help you become the person you’re born to be!

My mission is simple. I want to help women achieve positive and lasting change by designing lives that they love. Too many of us live half-lives, and it’s a disservice to us, and to the world.

My academic qualifications and years of experience have shown me that those who live life with energy, and find success and fulfillment, are those who value and appreciate who they are and what they’re capable of.

Sadly, that’s not true for the vast majority of women. Despite our unique qualities and capabilities, we struggle to believe in them.

I’m committed to changing that. Not through the same old self-help advice whose effect fades within days. Nor the gimmicks, fluff and fads that simply lead to greater confusion and emotional overwhelm.

My work is firstly about helping you understand what keeps you from living the brightest and boldest version of yourself. This is where transformations begins.

And then to empower you with the evidence-based tools and strategies that are right for you, and that help you take courageous action towards meaningful goals.

I want a world where as women, we believe in ourselves and are alive in the work we do, whether it’s raising kids, meeting corporate deadlines or changing the world.

We’re all on this journey together. My deep passion for my work comes from my own struggles with internal fears, and from the knowledge that we’re all capable of unleashing greatness when we act with compassion and courage.

Because courageous living is not just about us. It’s about the difference we want to make and the legacy we want to leave behind in this world. Our wild and wonderful life lies in crossing the Rubicon of fear again and again – and again.

I’m also a mother to 4 wonderful adolescents who bring me joy and help me grow in self-awareness more than my Master’s or research ever did! They say that relationships make us happy, but they also make us conscious, and I’m learning every day…

I’ve been featured on numerous sites with a large and global audience. I’m humbled when people around the world reach out to say that my words affected them positively, in big and small ways. Other passions? Art, chocolate and broccoli (though not all together!) and coffee with double cream any time!




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