Stop letting fears run the show and start pursuing your goals.

Stop letting fears run the show and start pursuing your goals.


A great many articles and essays cross my computer screen each day. The majority that I click on, read from start to finish, and gain wisdom from tend to have one thing in common: they are written by Homaira Kabir.
–Sandra Joseph, Broadway performer and keynote speaker
Homaira's articles and advice have helped many women on Forbes, Huffington Post, Positive Psychology News Daily, and on her coaching site. If you find yourself avoiding fears, she’ll give you the best advice.
–Nancy Clark,CEO Positivity Daily and Director Forbes WomensMedia
What I loved in working with Homaira was that she always made me reflect and find my own answers. Many years later, and my confidence in myself has continued to grow. Thank you for this gift Homaira!
There was something about working with Homaira that always made me feel empowered. I could find answers I’d been struggling with for days, even years. She helped me see how much wisdom there was in me when I believed in myself.
–Francesca O

Do you have an important goal that you’re avoiding?

Do you have a deeply desired dream but feel scared to take it on?

Do you wish for the confidence of those who go after big dreams with boldness?

Those who go after big dreams are those who dare. They not only dare to dream, but they dare to overcome their fears and to take action despite them.

Those who give in to their fears and listen to the negative voices of self-doubt and self-criticism limit themselves to ever-shrinking comfort zones.

Which is why I’ve created this 6-day course that gets you to take purposeful and committed action towards your meaningful goals!

Its 6 days of super ACTIONABLE emails (with worksheets and homework 😉 ) that are grounded in science and research, and that’ll help you overcome your fears and achieve the goals you’ve long been avoiding.

You’ll learn and practice:

The key steps to confidence-building action

The 6 alignments that underlie true charisma

The one secret to lasting self-confidence

It’ll address all your inner dimensions, so that you show up with the energy of whole hearted pursuit, and the charisma of living in alignment with who you are and what you want in life.

Homaira Kabir - positive psychology coach/ cognitive behavioral therapist/ writer/ artist/ motherHi, I’m Homaira. And I’m passionate about helping you break free from the self-imposed prisons of “I can’t” and “What if”, and to identify, pursue and achieve your deeply desired goals.

This is what I call an inner transformation, and I’m so happy to have you join us!

My work is grounded in science, research and years of experience in helping women rise to their full potential. I hope to help you do the same!



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