5 Weeks to Authentic Self Worth

Would you

Would you

be free of other people’s opinions of you?

have the strength to be comfortable with your decisions?

let go of the blame  and excuses of a life lived in the rear view mirror?

Perhaps this is you sometimes (MOST TIMES?)

  • You’re easily influenced by other people’s opinions of you
  • You ruminate about the past and get consumed by negative thoughts
  • You worry whether what you’re doing is good enough
  • You’re unable to communicate your feelings and opinions
  • You’re consumed by self-loathing and shame from your past
  • You find it difficult to move on every time you “fail”
  • You’re unable to have fun without feeling guilty about it
  • You come up with excuses and blame others for your life
  • You look in the mirror and focus on your negatives
  • You discount your positives – and constantly compare yourself to others

And the worst part is you KNOW intellectually you have a lot of strengths,

In this 5-week course, you’ll learn to:

  • Let go of the “Can I”s and “What if”s of self-doubt that question everything and fear ‘messing up’
  • Stop depending on praise and approval to feel worthy and appreciate what makes you unique and ‘enough’
  • Live without comparing your life to others and letting it bring you down – or lift you up
  • Have greater confidence in your abilities to find your voice and stand up for what you want
  • Let go of the nagging thoughts of “shoulds” that make you judge everything about yourself and others
  • Be able to set healthy boundaries so you’re free of guilty obligations that distance you from what you want
  • Free yourself from the power of painful memories by cleaning up your past and coming to terms with it
  • Regulate the negative emotions inside you without having to numb them or become overwhelmed by them
  • Stop blaming others or relying on self-justifying excuses, and take full responsibility for your life
  • Finally give yourself the unconditional love that you’ve always craved so you become courageous and resilient

You’ll free yourself of the fears that keep you from being who you are and doing what you truly want

Who you are is the result of habitual patterns of thought and behavior that formed ages ago –but have stayed because you’ve continued to feed them!

You can change that! The wonders of neuroplasticity show that the brain is moldable until the day we die.
Which means that you can rewire your brain by changing your thoughts and behaviors so you go from playing victim in your life to becoming its full and energized co-creator.

And I’ll show you how!

Why I Do This


For years, I’ve counseled and coached wonderful women in multiple areas of their lives. And I’ve been struck by how often their challenges result from not believing in themselves. Research too shows that it’s the no. 1 struggle for women, and the reason they fail to fully embrace life and rise to their full potential.

I want to do my part in changing that! I want all women to know our true worth. I want us to value who we are. I want us to know that the tide has shifted, that we’re positioned at a moment in history where our unique strengths are those that allow us to lead, to nurture, to cooperate, to bring about change.

What makes me fully invested in the work I do is my own personal journey. I recognize very well the voices that take over when we become disconnected with our true self in the meaningless pursuit of an ‘ought self’. I recognize too the freedom and vitality that comes from living a life of meaning, whether its through our relationships, our work or our passions.

My work is known both for its research base and scientific backing, and for the way its able to touch your heart and soul. I’ve had a rigorous academic education in a Masters in both Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. And I follow a holistic approach, where I align your different human dimensions and take your whole self in the journey towards change.


There was something about quotes@2xthis course that always made me feel empowered. I could find answers I’d been struggling with for days, even years. Even though I’d felt lost and torn inside when I began, I was surprised at how much wisdom there was in me when I believed in myself.
-Franchesca O.
quotes@2xThe best part about doing this course on self-worth is all the practical tools and tips it gives you for everyday life. I was struggling with my confidence at work, but found the strength inside of me to speak up, approach others and ask for what I want.

Here’s how it works

Weekly AudiosReflective worksheetsAt Your Own PaceScientifically GroundedOptional Support

Each week you’ll receive 3 or 4 short audios (under 10 minutes each) that you can fit into any part of your day. They’re purposefully broken up into bite-sized pieces, so that larger issues are addressed in a way that you’re able to reflect on your learning and put it into practice.

In each lesson you’ll find exercises that’ll help you on multiple levels. There are experiential activities, mindfulness practices, and reflective exercises that you can complete online without the hassle of downloading. Its all been made interactive so you reach the finish line!

You’ll have access to the course for 6 months after you sign up, which means that you can visit and revisit it at your own pace and according to your own needs and circumstances. It often takes more than one brush with new knowledge to have a lasting impact on our behaviors.  

The course is based on the attachment theory and on multiple modalities of psychology and neuroscience. It’s centered around Cognitive Behavioral techniques and grounded in the science of Positive Psychology that’s all about rising to your highest potential.

You can sign up for optional 1:1 email support throughout the 5 weeks of the course. This option is ideal for you if you need guided support to help change long held beliefs, or struggle with adapting to the circumstances without initiating the cycle of self-doubt and self-criticism.

In just 5 weeks, you’ll move past excuses and blame and begin to take action that’s aligned with who you are and what you want in life.

Why waste a single more day of your precious life

Thinking the thoughts and taking the actions that strengthen the negative image you have of yourself?

Or waiting for your circumstances to change before you can begin the life that wants to live within you

I’m Ready to Begin my Journey to Authentic Self-worth

Doing this course has been wonderful in so many ways. It’s been over a year and its amazing how I’ve learnt to approach my life so differently. Everything had always seemed out of my control – my life, my thoughts, my emotions, but I’ve been astonished by how it’s helped me connect the dots and feel in control of my life.
I wish all of us understood ourselves the way Homaira helped me understand myself. I was able to recognize why I reacted the way I did, forgive myself for the way I felt, and let go of the bitterness I’d been carrying for years that was affecting my life. Thank you Homaira!
-Susana H


Here’s What We’ll Cover

Each week includes self-assessments, practical strategies, mindfulness practices, and a structured and goal oriented plan to live with authentic self-worth.

Week 1

Demystifying Self-worth

In the first week, you’ll understand why self-worth is basic to who we are, how conditional self-worth develops, and how it’s showing up and affecting your life. You’ll also learn the 4 constructs we’ll work on, and why they’re essential to your success, wellbeing and fulfillment in life.

Week 2

Making Sense of Your Past

In the second week, you’ll identify the stories that hold you back, and the mental frameworks that underlie them. You’ll then learn and practice the strategies that can help you give meaning to your past so you release the mental obstacles that keep you from living the life you’re meant to live.

Week 3

Mastering Emotions

The third week will be about reflecting on your needs and triggers, connecting to the feelings in your body and listening to the thoughts in your mind, so you learn to disconnect from old fears that are no longer valid, and let go of rumination and thought patterns that are holding you back.

Week 4

Detaching from the Need for Approval

In week 4, you’ll dig deep into the area of your life that’s currently important to you and assess it against your deepest held values and dreams. You’ll then work on the cognitive constructs of self-worth so you let go of perfection and learn to appreciate your wholeness and the value you bring.

Week 5

Living the Life You Love

The final week will be about creating a vision for the future, and shifting yourself from the role of victim to that of co-creator of your life. You’ll form your new life story, take action by aligning your inner paradox, and develop the courage it takes to be you are and pursue your true purpose.

If you’re tired of:

reading every blog, and ending up confused and overwhelmed

testing endless strategies from self-help books but with no lasting effect

trying out counseling or coaching, but not seeing much of a difference

Then it’s time to try something different!

This course addresses the actual constructs of self-worth through a research-based framework that builds each of them through reflective and experiential exercises.

And that is key! Because misguided attempts that work only temporarily at best simply reinforce deep seated feelings of incompetence and unlovability and feed back into a downward spiral of decreasing self-worth.

What price are you willing to pay

to find happiness and contentment,
to live every day true to your values and your dreams,
and to leave behind a legacy you feel proud of?

If it’s more than the price of this course, then you owe it to yourself to signup!

Which option Should I Choose?

It depends on how you work best!

Some of us are good at taking information and applying it to our lives.
But some of us struggle without guidance and support – and fall back exactly where we began…

Because knowing without doing changes nothing

And doing takes courage, motivation and support, which can often be missing when the inner negative voice is loud, constant and draining.

Which is why I offer you the option to seek my guidance and support with putting your learning into practice.

I want this course to be one of the most transformative courses you’ve taken and I’m committed to supporting you the best way I can.

  • You need motivation to push through the negativity
  • Your react uncontrollably despite your best efforts
  • You get thrown off every time life throws you a curve ball
  • You need to refine the strategies to your unique situation
  • You find it hard to challenge long held beliefs that imprison you
  • You need challenging encouragement to overcome your fears and take the courageous steps forward
  • You simply want the active support of someone who cheers you on and celebrates your successes with you

Whatever your struggles, worries or wins, 1:1 email coaching may just be what you need to cross the Rubicon and transform your relationship.And it costs less than the price of a single coaching session!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

For sure! If you’re unhappy with the course for any reason, you can totally request a 100%, no questions asked refund within the first couple of weeks. Not that it’s ever happened!

What if I have technical trouble signing up or accessing the materials?

No worries at all! Just email me at hello@homairakabir.com and my technical team will sort it all out asap!

I’m not sure whether online learning is for me

I want to assure you that the technical aspect of this course is very intuitive! Me and my technical team have worked together to create an experience that is easy and engaging. You log in, listen to short audios and engage in reflective worksheets that you submit with the click of a button (so you keep a record and track your progress). You can also post comments, share struggles and provide support to other participants in the comments section at the end of each lesson. If you can use email, you can do this course!

I want to take the course, but I’m just too busy right now

You can do the worksheets and listen to the audios at your own pace for upto 6 months after sign up. And if there’s a reason why you’d like to extend access for a few more weeks, just email me at hello@homairakabir.com

What if I need help implementing the learning into my life?

Then the option with email support is for you! You’ll be able to email me as many times as you need for 1:1 guidance in implementing your learning into your life. I know that it’s this support that’s often the game-changer

How does email coaching work?

Email coaching is proving to be one of the most successful ways of making progress towards goals. You’ll be able to email me with specific challenges that you’re facing implementing the learning into your life, and I’ll guide you towards ways of overcoming internal or external obstacles in your way.

How is this course different?

This course is unique in that it brings about your transformation through a structured and scientifically backed program that addresses the constructs of self-worth. The insights you gain into your own inner world become the building blocks to showing up fully in all other areas of your life.

How much time should I expect to spend on the course each week?

The lessons contain audios, videos, and some reading. Together they add up to less than an hour a week. But the strength of the course lies in the reflective and experiential worksheets that are part of the 3 modules each week. It’s entirely up to you how long you want to spend on them. But I would urge you to give them thought and apply them to your life, so you experience the transformation you so want.

I’m not sure…

That’s normal too! Whenever we’re about to embark on something big, fear and doubt are necessary companions. It may help you to reflect on the following:
• What are you unsure about? (Do you think it’s too late to change, that it’s going to be too difficult, or perhaps that there’s nothing terribly wrong…)
• What part of you is hesitant? (Is it the voice of fear, of anger, of denial…)
• What if you listened to it?
• What part of you wants to life life fully? (Is it your voice of wisdom, of courage, of consciousness…)
• And what if you listened to it instead?



Have more questions? Please ask! Contact me…

Are you ready

to become the woman who exudes the energy, confidence and charisma that comes from knowing her true worth and living in alignment with who she is?

If you’re still unsure

I invite you to listen to the longing of the real you that’s been silent for too long.
I want you to stop the chatter of the part of you that wants to keep you restricted – the fearful, short-sighted you.
Because we all have both.

And in the silence, listen to your real dreams and aspirations.

Listen to what life wants of you

And decide With The Real You In Charge

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