Working Together

I help you fall in love with your authentic self so you appreciate all that’s bright and beautiful in you and use it for your growth, success and fulfillment.

My work is evidence-based, where I provide you with active support and practical knowledge in a structured, goal-oriented and truly empathetic approach that empowers you to believe in yourself, appreciate your worth, and passionately take on your deeply desired goals.

Because I’m personally invested in your success and fulfillment, I take on only a select number of clients every 3 months, in order to build a long-lasting relationship where you can trust me to support you, challenge you and celebrate with you as you grow and transform your life.

Each one of you is unique and I meet you exactly where you are

Our work together

I’m committed to a relationship grounded in trust and non-judgment that provides you with the space to fail, falter, reflect and get back on your feet again. It’s a highly supportive relationship that helps you feel understood, engaged, inspired and empowered to bring about change.

What I Bring

My experience enables me to read between the lines, sift between the essence and the noise, and work on the part of you that’s looking for growth. And my education provides me with the knowledge and techniques that help you master your thoughts and emotions and live with greater awareness.

What You’ll Notice

The biggest difference you’ll find is your ability to make sense of your internal state. You’ll understand why you feel they way you do, why you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, what keeps you from living fully in the present and what you can do to take back charge of your life.

None of us can change our past – but we can certainly make sense of it and rewrite our life story!

The Difference Coaching Can Make

  • Identify and break free from your limiting beliefs
  • Tap into your inner strengths and unique gifts
  • Find courage from knowing your authentic self-worth
  • Unlock your dreams and authentic purpose
  • Ignite your feminine grace and passions
  • Understand and regulate your emotions and motivations
  • Realign your inner paradox for success and fulfillment
  • Open up with empathy and desire in your relationships
  • Live with wholeness so you continue to grow and change

Coaching is the supportive space that allows you to connect inwards, find your worth, wisdom and courage, and rise to your full potential .

What You Will Get

Weekly one-on-one callUnlimited supportEngaging worksheetsSubsequent discountsResearch base
faq-how-it-worksicon-how-it-works-phone-greenThroughout our working engagement, we’ll ‘meet’ once a week for an hour via a phone call, from the convenience of your own home or office. It’ll be the time to reflect on your progress, address your challenges and come up with solutions that move you towards your goal.
faq-how-it-worksicon-how-it-works-speechpurpleYou’ll be able to email me throughout the week for support, accountability or simply to celebrate your successes! Often, it’s this ongoing support that turns knowledge into action, and gets you past initial challenges that may otherwise turn into roadblocks.
faq-how-it-worksicon-how-it-works-pen-brownYou’ll create an account on my website where you’ll log in to work on engaging and reflective worksheets that I’ll assign, addressing the unique challenges you face. Once you submit them, both you and I will receive a copy, so that I’m aware of your struggles every time we meet.
faq-how-it-worksicon-how-it-works-awardblueOur initial contract will be a minimum of 4 weeks. Its a reasonable amount to time for you to set authentic goals. commit to your success, and to begin to see the positive effects of your efforts. Additional packages are at a slightly discounted rate.
faq-how-it-worksicon-how-it-works-bookmauveMy work is deeply grounded in science, research and years of experience. Regardless of where you find yourself looking for clarity and direction, I can help you identify and move towards your goals through evidence-based techniques and practices that work.
What I loved in working with Homaira was that she always made me reflect and find my own answers. Many years later, and my confidence in myself has continued to grow. Thank you for this gift Homaira!
I was going through a crisis of direction. My life appeared perfect, but inside I was lost and torn. In working with Homaira, I was able to connect to my purpose and have never looked back!
–Barbara N
There was something about working with Homaira that always made me feel empowered. I could find answers I’d been struggling with for days, even years. She helped me see how much wisdom there was in me when I believed in myself.
–Francesca O
It’s been over a year since our coaching came to an end. But I still often hear Homaira’s voice in my head when I’m confused or doubtful about myself. It helps me find the answers I’m looking for!

Initial 4-week package


($125.00 per session)

Additional 3-week packages as needed $350.00 each (discounted rate). All prices are listed in US dollars

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