What Are You .Waiting For?



Coach, mentor, researcher, writer. Passionate about helping you live with joy, honor your struggles, and become everything you’re capable of being. 

Because that’s what you want. That’s what every woman wants. But the challenges on the way distance us from ourselves.

Let me help you journey back to who you are. Because life is lived from the inside out. And YOU, my bold and brilliant woman, already have everything you need to live, love and lead as your best self.

Whoever you are, and whatever you do, shed your doubts and perfection. And embrace the journey to showing up with your truth. You’re needed! 

Raise Your Hand If You:

  • Know that something is missing in your life, but don’t know what it is, or how to pursue it
  • Are tired of living in fear and self-doubt, and want to make a greater impact through your work
  • Have a burning desire to do something more meaningful, but are waiting for permission to begin
  • Want more fulfilling relationships, but keep getting sucked into negativity and resentment
  • Are trying harder and harder, and want more ease and joy in your work and life

My Promise To You


I’m here for every woman who believes in a better future for herself and the world, (even if she’s losing hope), and knows she has an important role to play (even if she doubts herself much of the time). In my writing, coaching and trainings, I combine science and soul to help you own your worth, honour your struggles, and show up with clarity, courage and compassion.



Homaira is a trusted voice in helping overcome the self-doubt and fear that hold so many people back from achieving the life they most desire. She not only offers scientifically sound principles and cutting-edge research, she also shares practical, actionable steps you can implement right away to begin improving your life today

– SANDRA JOSEPH Broadway Speaker and Performer



Become Everything You’re Born To Be

A coaching program where every month, we go deep into one theme of a soulful, successful and whole-hearted life based on women’s needs, challenges and aspirations. 


Does your confidence yo-yo with what people say, how you look, or what happens in your day?

This science-backed quiz will tell you why, and you’ll get 3 tools to start building the layers of grounded confidence.