Me The Matriarch

[ matriarch = female leader, head of family ]

A 4-month confidence-building program – backed by science – to help you live, love and lead as the compassionate and courageous woman that you are.

Do you have the confidence to take charge of your life?

to make a purpose-driven career change

to write that book, take that trip, start that podcast or seek a promotion

to build lasting practices of well-being

to nurture deep and fulfilling relationships

to nurture a kind and loving relationship with yourself

to stop doing, controlling and perfecting so much and put your energy toward what matters to you

to care less about what others think and express your own voice and contribution in the world

to live each day with more joy, ease and presence

and — importantly — to feel the life you’re living is the life you came here to live

Some of us lack clarity about what we want in life. We’ve been listening to others for so long, we’ve lost touch with our sources of joy and fulfillment.

Others lack courage; we know what we want, but boy is it scary to listen to our dreams and longings, and take charge of the only thing we can truly call our own. 

Our confidence is fragile, dependent on what others think.

We get stuck in unhelpful patterns of behavior we know aren't helping — perfecting, pleasing, proving, playing small.

And we live with the pain, anger, shame or regret of our unmet potential.


Me The Matriarch


MTM is based on research on confidence and flourishing and has created transformative changes in the lives of countless women around the world – across industries – and in all kinds of work, paid and unpaid.

It brings you weekly evidence-based content and expert coaching, along with the continual and growing support of a community, to help you show up courageously in your work and life with joy, purpose and authenticity. 

Here’s what some of our past participants say:

“Subscribing to the program has been one of the most validating and valuable experiences I have committed to in a long while. Homaira is a gifted psychologist/ coach who brings a deep knowledge of Positive Psychology and research to the program, combined with genuine empathy, intuition and wisdom. The former promotes clarity and understanding among participants, while the latter fosters a growing self-confidence, self-compassion, awareness and insight. The lessons are stimulating and informative and the calls are empowering with Homaira adeptly creating a safe and supportive group environment which promotes meaningful sharing, discussion and learning. I highly recommend the program to any woman who seriously wants to get clear on who she is, where her strengths lie, what matters to her and how to express herself authentically in the world.”


“Before signing on to your program I was in a dark place in my life, after having my first child and experiencing prolonged bouts of depression I was desperate to find my feet again. I was a different person, with different responsibilities, new experiences; changes that I didn’t know how to cope with at the time. After completing the program, I was able to make decisions with clarity despite fear, decisions that I wasn’t able to before. Even though they were small decisions at the time they manifested into greater experiences and opportunities, and still continue today. I am deeply grateful to you Homaira, for your wisdom and guidance that opened up my self-awareness and self-compassion. I see myself a changed person, and I’m so glad this is the self that I can bring to my parenting in particular, and to life in general.”


“Homaira, I am absolutely amazed by you and your work, and feel so privileged to receive your love, compassion and wisdom. Really SOOO beautiful!!!I can’t find words to tell you the powerful spirit you project, and with such a high level of conceptual and practical understanding. I was greatly enriched at a personal and professional level, and I know I’ll come back to the material again and again as I experience something new or challenging, and gain a fresh perspective each time. I would say your work is perfect!


“Being part of the program has been wonderful in so many ways. Homaira’s warmth and understanding really stood out for me. In coaching sessions, I often felt like I was babbling on about a million things, but she was able to draw out the deepest insights from my “babble” and I have been astonished by how she’s been able to connect the dots for me. All the practical tools and tips have been invaluable for everyday life when situations show up that trigger negative emotions or reoccurring beliefs. I’m so glad to have done the deeper work in the program. ”


Hi there, I’m Homaira. I’m a coach, author, a self-worth researcher, mentor to many soulful women, and a mother to four wonderful children who are the joy of my life.

My work is based on extensive postgraduate research on confidence as part of a double degree in positive psychology and coaching psychology. I’ve helped hundreds of women take their lives, work and relationships to the next level by embracing their wildly authentic lives.

I created the Me the Matriarch (MTM) program to bring this work to many more women, because our current approach to confidence, life and leadership isn’t meeting us where we are. Way too many of us are waking up feeling anxious and worried about the kids, the house, the deadlines, a future that has flipped on us. Many more are perfecting and controlling and pleasing and driving themselves to burn out.

To live our optimal lives in a world that desperately needs us, we need to find what truly brings us alive and bring it into the world with joy, compassion and courage. This is the journey of optimal confidence. It would be my honor to support you in it.

The MTM Difference

MTM isn't just a set of tools and practices. It's a compassionate and courageous journey to find and live your wildly authentic life.

The name of the program reflects its unique approach—a matriarchal approach begins from within, where our ideal life is based on who we truly are. This is especially important for women, because we grow up with so much messaging on who we should be. Finding ourselves is a journey in itself. 

Then there’s the work of living our unlived lives in a world that has a very different set of values and rewards. It takes courage to step into the truth of our nature: joyful, compassionate, wise and yearning to make things better in whichever way speaks to our hearts. 

This is why MTM has 2 built-in layers: the tools and strategies that build each component of confidence. AND the inner matriarch who helps us engage with these tools and strategies with kindness, and with the same fire in her belly for our dreams. The patriarchy we grow up and live in is often loudest in our own heads. 

Layer 1 gives us the map. Layer 2 is the courageous work of walking the territory with our best selves by our sides. 

The MTM Framework

In the 4 month journey, we build the components of confidence in a structured manner because they build on each other.

Self Compassion

In this first – and fundamental component – of confidence, we’ll look at the beliefs, mindsets, and thought patterns you developed through early and later experiences.

You’ll gain a deep understanding of your attachment style and how it plays out in your present life, so you create distance from your past to allow you to take charge of your future.

You’ll learn how to:

quieten the many voices in your head that are working against you—self-doubt, self-criticism, blame, comparison, regret…

move through shame and disgust with love and compassion

learn from mistakes without the inner critic or the inner victim taking charge

be kinder and more accepting of yourself, instead of wishing you were younger or older, or more of something or like someone else

fall in love with yourself in the most natural and life-giving way, and embrace all of life with joy and a sense of wonder


This second component is all about showing up in our relationships from a place of self-worth. We’ll address relational models, power dynamics and the societal factors that influence them, and the fears that get in the way of women supporting women.

You’ll learn how to:

be comfortable with difficult conversations (setting boundaries, negotiating, apologizing etc) so you stop feeling angry, upset or resentful

recognize the words and phrases that undermine your message so you can speak with greater impact

work with the fears, jealousy or judgment that diminish trust and connection

support other women – and anyone in your life – to become the biggest version of themselves—an essential leadership quality both at home and work

access your own wisdom quickly and reliably, so you know how to be and what to do through the complexity of relational dynamics and life’s uncertainties


The third component is about gaining clarity on who you are and finding a purpose that helps you do your best work in your home, work or community. You’ll get to explore your inner world in ways you likely never have, and appreciate an entirely new perspective on your purpose that will get you out of bed each day with a spring in your step.

You’ll learn how to:

find the overarching purpose of your life and how you can live it in your everyday life starting right now

make your work feel more joyful and meaningful (and you don’t have to leave your job for it)

create a flexible daily structure of self-care, ease and joy by identifying your sources of vitality (and those that drain you)

know how to sustain long-term action toward your important goals

let go of guilt, perfection and overwork because you have an inner presence who protects your joy and inspiration, so you can do your best work in any role you play


The final component of confidence is about managing the fear that will undoubtedly come up as you take the bigger and bolder steps in your personal, relational and professional growth.

You’ll learn practical and research-backed tools that help you respond courageously to the fear that will show up as you step outside your comfort zone. AND you will learn how to transform your moments of courage into lasting changes in your brain, so that the feeling of being a fraud is a thing of the past.

You’ll learn how to:

take bolder action and reach more people with your work because you have a tested framework to manage fear and self-doubt

manage your emotions in the moment of truth, so you don’t run away or sabotage your success

know what to do after taking action, so you grow in confidence regardless of the outcome. Bye bye Imposter Syndrome!

deal with the criticism that comes with doing important or innovative work

become your own biggest cheerleader so you unhook yourself from seeking praise, approval or success to feel good about yourself

Feel connected with the best version of themselves

Able to manage fears, emotions and setbacks with presence

Feel supported by others and by larger forces

Have a compelling sense of purpose in life

Have the confidence to manage life’s challenges

Feel a sense of continual energy and vitality

Here’s what leaders in the field have to say:

“Homaira Kabir is a trusted voice in helping overcome the self-doubt and fear that hold so many people back from achieving the life they most desire. She not only offers scientifically sound principles and cutting-edge research, she also shares practical, actionable steps you can implement right away to begin improving your life today.”

-SANDRA JOSEPH. Broadway Star and Author: Unmasking What Matters

“Homaira’s work has helped so many women because women can struggle to face their fears. She brings years of sound research and experience that gets to the heart of change, and not the same old that keeps women stuck. If you find yourself avoiding fears, she can help you, because there are so many more successes women can realize! ”

-NANCY CLARK. Director, ForbesWomen Media and Author: The Positive Journal

“Homaira’s work resonated with all our female leaders. Her compelling approach combines the latest cutting-edge research with simple, evidence-based practices to make measurable change. She also knows how to engage an audience intellectually and emotionally and ensure that every participant leaves with deep and transformative insights.”

-JESSICA AMORTEGUI. Senior Director, Executive Development, LinkedIn

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Registrations extended to 28 Feb 2022


Four monthly payments of



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The MTM Process

MTM is built for ease and flexibility. You can join us live for coaching and teaching, or watch and listen at your own pace. AND you’ll be fully supported for as long as you please!

Once you sign up

You’ll be welcomed into our community and get access to everything you need to prepare for the journey ahead. You’ll also be able to connect right away with the other wonderful women in our program.

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

Welcome call. We’ll discuss what self-actualization is, and you’ll get to reflect on your personally defined vision of a successful life.

February 8th – May 24th, 2022:

The MTM Program. Each module is divided into 2 bi-weekly lessons that move you through the process of theory – to practice – to mastery. 

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

Goodbye call. You’ll create a structure that helps you show up every day with joy, ease and purpose. And of course, we’ll celebrate!

Ongoing support:

The journey doesn’t end here!

  • You’ll have lifelong access to all course materials to revisit as often as you wish
  • Ongoing membership to our private community which always stays open.  So you keep expanding your tribe of like-minded women
  • You’re invited to attend all future (twice-yearly) sessions of the program – for free! Now that the real work begins for you, we are here to support you all the way!

The live coaching calls are on alternate Tuesdays at noon Eastern (9am Pacific). A recording of the calls will be posted in the MTM library the next day.

The MTM Inclusions

A researched, science- backed and curated confidence building program presented as simple and applicable concepts

Practical worksheets for reflection and implementation to build confidence (and not overwhelm!) through micro-practices

Bi-monthly coaching sessions to answer your questions, work through your challenges, and keep you motivated toward personally defined goals

Reminders, prompts and check-ins, plus continual support from a community of like-minded women on a similar journey

Virtual, flexible and self-paced to fit into any schedule. The only scheduled part of the program is the coaching calls which will be recorded and posted in the MTM library

The best part: once a matriarch, always a matriarch! You’ll have lifelong access to the content and be able to join all twice-yearly sessions for FREE.

“Joining the program was a no brainer for me because I felt so stuck in my life. I was successful, there was nothing apparently wrong. But I knew something was missing, and just didn’t know how to find it. The program surpassed my expectations in every way. I’ve had so many ‘Aha’ moments that have brought a totally new appreciation for what I have. Even though my life isn’t that much different, I feel on top of it. As though its MY life. I wake up everyday feeling excited about what’s to come, even the things that would stress me out. SO powerful and incredible! I know I’ll be coming back again and again.”

Yoga Mentor & Facilitator

“I’ve been weaving the tools and techniques into my own work with groups, because I know that magic happens when we apply them in our lives. There is so much depth in the reflection worksheets, and the coaching calls are amazing because we’re able to connect directly with Homaira, and watch women have profound changes in perspective. I know I’ve really grown as a person, people who know me notice it, and it feels good to be able to inspire others while feeling so much more connected with myself.”

Manager, Social Innovation

“The program offers so much value in a really practical and thoughtful way. In my role, I’ve done quite a bit of professional development work, so I didn’t think there was a lot for me to grow personally. I’ve been amazed by the transformation. It’s been wonderful to apply what I learnt in all areas of my life, including my role as a mother. THANK YOU Homaira for all the brilliance, thoughtfulness, knowledge, experience, and genuine care you project through your work. I’ve loved the experience and am truly grateful!”

Director Population and Public Health

The MTM Transformations

Are you ready for:

The confidence to speak up for what you believe or share your ideas

A deeper connection with your inner guide and wisdom

The ability to distance yourself from the critical or judgmental voice in your head

Finding and pursuing the work that feels most purposeful to you and allows you to have the greatest impact

A feeling of authenticity and aliveness even in the pursuits that previously drained you

Resilience in the face of setbacks, failures or criticism that used to derail you or bring you down

A life of less control and perfection, and more joy, creativity and wonder

Freedom from the need to please, appease, and seek approval or constant praise

Less self-doubt, second-guessing, and ambivalence. And more clarity, courage, and meaning

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Registrations extended to 28 Feb 2022


Four monthly payments of



One payment of


It’s your time.


There’s a shift in human consciousness that’s been happening for a while. Women certainly – minorities in particular – and many soulful men are tired of pushing and proving and twisting themselves to fit into models that are misaligned with our natural strengths and dreams.

We’re tired of the patriarchy and of being told who to be and what to do, which is rarely who we are and what we want for our lives.

But before we can shine our love and light in the world, we have to deal with our inner patriarchy—the voices in our heads that are a reflection of the voices we grow up and live with.

We have to build the layers of confidence that help us show up in the world with a more compassionate, mindful, and spirited way of being.

“All serious daring starts from within”, writes author Eudora Welty. Me the Matriarch is about building the ground on which you can live your biggest life.

Please join us, so that one person at a time, we become a world of We the Matriarchs—brilliant and conscientious persons of all genders doing the work together, to leave the world a little better than we found it.

It’s time. It’s our time.


What are the dates and times of the program?

The current session will run from February 1 – May 31 2022. The program includes video and audio recordings, worksheets, online discussion, and live group coaching sessions. You can join us for the live sessions on Zoom (every second Tuesday starting February 1 at noon Eastern (9am Pacific). Or you can watch (or rewatch) whenever you wish.

How does the program work for women living in different parts of the world / different time zones?

One of the benefits of online learning is we have participants from all parts of the world. On average about 60% live in North America. We have tried to accommodate most time zones in our live coaching calls (every second Tuesday at noon Eastern (9am Pacific). However, if the times don’t work for you, you can access the recording shortly afterward. The rest of the program material (lessons and worksheets) are posted in the MTM library, and the private Facebook group provides lots of opportunities to connect and ask questions.

What is the typical demographic of participants?

Often women wonder whether they are in the “right” age group or career path to participate in the program. The great news is as long as you identify as female, you are the right fit for the program! The usual age ranges from the 30s to the 70s, with women engaged in a diverse work settings, from corporate to business to the non-profit sector. We also have women who are retired or at home raising children, whose reason for participation is their personal growth. We’re sure you’ll find like-minded women through the live calls and in the private discussion group.

I feel ambivalent about the idea of a "matriarch". It sounds like feminism and I don't identify as a feminist so is the program still right for me?

Great question, we’re so glad you asked! A matriarchal approach is not about feminism—its about a bottom up approach to life that begins from within. (A patriarchal approach, on the other hand, is a top-down approach). We feel that our program is highly suited – and needed – at this time because the world is no longer the simple, black and white world it used to be. Nor does a top-down approach work for women, and can leave them feeling hooked onto praise and criticism.

In the Me the Matriarch program each participant gets to define her own path forward, based on who she is and her sources of joy and inspiration. And then she gets to pursue this path by nurturing the compassionate and courageous presence of an inner “matriarch” who acts as the protector of her wellbeing and her dreams.

How much time will I need to commit to the program every week?

The time you invest can vary from from week to week, but on average, you can expect to spend about 2-3 hours per lesson (every 2 weeks). This includes the video recording, worksheets and time for the bi-weekly coaching call. Keep in mind though that nothing is mandatory, and we don’t want you carrying the guilt of “falling behind”. The program is designed to allow you to give it as much or as little time as you want, and come back to it as it suits your needs and responsibilities. You’ll have lifetime access to the materials and as an alum, you’ll be able to participate in future sessions at no additional cost!

I'm not technically savvy and not sure if online learning will work for me.

It’s a natural concern, which is why we have gone to great lengths to make sure the online format is both easy and engaging. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind: The course materials are very simple to access—we don’t want to create overwhelm in already busy lives. And you’re free to engage with them in any way that works for you—in one sitting or multiple short bursts on the go. It’s really up to you.

If you are struggling with technology we have a support team on hand to help you navigate the technology, but we’ve made it as simple as possible so we’re sure you won’t need them too much.

What is my investment?

You can pay monthly over four months with an investment of $225 USD per month, or you can pay for the full program up front—$895 USD. Remember once you sign up you’ll also be able to attend future sessions (twice a year) at no additional cost.

What is your refund policy?

We want to support you to live your optimal life and this will take some work and commitment from you.  If you’re finding the program isn’t what you’d hoped or doesn’t feel right for you – within the first 30 days – we ask you submit your completed materials and worksheets and let us know why the program doesn’t feel right and we will be happy to cancel your membership and offer a full refund.

Will I get to work directly with Homaira?

The group coaching sessions are an ideal way to get direct feedback and coaching from Homaira. However, if you want to additional coaching support through the MTM journey through 1-1 coaching, you can signup for a 4-session package at a 30% discount (regular price $1150 USD). Please reach out to us at so we can check availability.

I feel nervous and am not sure...?

You’re not alone! Our biggest fears show up when we are stepping outside our comfort or safety zones, especially if we’re going after something that speaks to us at a deep and soulful level. Your inner voice will likely come up with many reasons you should wait, or not embark on the journey at all! I invite you to explore your fears. Be especially vary of the voice that tells you you aren’t ready or that you wouldn’t be able to do it “perfectly” at this time.

Ask yourself what are your aspirations or intentions for the coming year, and whether the program feels aligned with it.  If the idea of joining excites you listen to your heart. And know that you’ll be supported by a very welcoming, compassionate community! Past participants have shared that all their doubts were quieted within the very first call and that the journey was one they will come back to again and again.

What if I still have questions about the program?

We completely understand! And we’d love to jump on a clarity call to figure this out together.  To book a  call email us at and we’ll be in touch.

“Your program helps me in more ways than I can describe in a paragraph. In the past I struggled with setting boundaries, managing stress, self doubt, heck, almost all the areas in this program pertained to me. Now I am able to cluster tasks, delegate work out, listen more intently, set boundaries & more. I was even able to tell someone I could no longer work on a project due to differences of opinions which relieved me of so much stress. Before this course I would never have been able to do that. I would have just added it onto my pile and complained about it to myself. My life has changed so much and for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you Homaira for taking the time to share this with women; we need you and this program!”


“I came to the program looking to unlock and address certain persistent patterns in my career. The process itself was probably one of the most helpful career learning and development opportunities I have taken.  It was tailored to my practical immediate needs, as well as more long-term needs and ambitions.  I gained perspective and tools to apply right away to situations I was facing at work, as well as tools that have impacted my approach to not only my professional path, but other areas of my life as well.  

From the very beginning, I found Homaira to be gentle, caring, kind, insightful, and informative, and looked forward to the coaching calls that always shifted my perspective. I “unknotted” quite a few professional “knots” and have started a new job with such roundedness, clarity, and tools to help me address the internal and external challenges that I will surely face along the way. I would highly recommend the program.  The impact is more than one can imagine.”

Senior Program Officer

“Previously, I would spend all my time and energy endlessly perfecting my business plan even though I really wanted to go out there and make a difference. But I was afraid. The program really helped me manage the moments of fear and take the actions to move forward. I also found that it became easier for me to do so overtime, which has been one of the greatest gifts of the program. I’ve now launched my business, even though it wasn’t “ready”, and am happily engaged in the work I feel called to do.

Thank you to Homaira for creating this program. It’s so needed, especially at this time to help women come into their own power, and use their resources and brilliance with intention and impact. Well worth the investment.”

Entrepreneur Coach

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Registrations extended to 28 Feb 2022


Four monthly payments of



One payment of