We The Matriarch

A monthly membership to help you stay grounded in a noisy stressful world.

Let me guess, you’re here because:

You want to be more present and patient with your loved ones yet find it so hard in spite of your best intentions?

You feel good when you break through old patterns, yet slip back into them every time life gets busier or more stressful than usual. 

You feel like things just keep coming at you and you don’t have a minute to think anything through, or even enjoy the good things in your life?

And maybe like many of us you’ve tried to create more ease and balance in your life, but just ended up with more on your neverending to-do list…

If any of this rings true, you're not alone!

Most of us are struggling with the pace and stresses of life and making choices and decisions we later regret. Or reacting in ways that make us feel bad about ourselves.

Because isn’t it true that you know you have so much more love and compassion to give? Isn’t it true that you know what you need to do to take care of your health and wellbeing? Isn’t it true that you know what you are capable of and how you can bring more value to your job or workplace? 

And isn’t it true that in that critical moment, you still let your fears and basic instincts determine your response?  

The truth is we haven’t cultivated that space inside each one of us that is connected to our compassion, courage and sources of wisdom and true joy. It’s not our fault. We don’t have time. Nor are we taught how to do so.

Instead, the world keeps feeding our impulses with an endless barrage of news and demands and distractions. And as in the parable of the two wolves of the heart, where the one that grows stronger is the one we feed, our higher selves are weak and flailing.

Introducing We the Matriarch

A monthly membership to help you strengthen your home base—that safe space inside you of okay-ness and enough-ness from which everything is possible.

WTM is about nourishing yourself—body, mind, heart and soul—so you can be who you truly are: loving, centered, kind, wise, fun, courageous, and so much more. In this time of everything overload, all it asks of you is to set aside 15 minutes of your time every Sunday (or whenever works best for you) JUST FOR YOU!

We take care of the rest!

Every Sunday, I’ll be in your inbox with an email that grounds you, nourishes your sense of BE-ingness, and invites you to sit with the kind of questions that allow you to tune inward, to listen deeply, and to shift to a higher consciousness.

The email will contain:

  • A grounding practice
  • Powerful reflection questions
  • Examples and stories
  • Action prompts and suggestions

We address a different topic every month and look at it through the relationships that give meaning to your life: With yourself, with others, with your work, and with life itself.

And there’s more!

Once a month, you’ll be invited to join us on a Zoom call to talk through any challenges you’re facing or questions I can help you walk through. 

Multiple times a year, you’ll receive bonus masterclasses on topics that are important for your joy, ease and fulfillment in these challenging times. 

As part of the membership, you get them all absolutely free.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Dear Homaira, you give me a lot to think about and guide me through difficult issues in my life. You give me positive energy when all I feel is negative. The people in your life are lucky to have you.” – Judee

“A kind, thorough, and thoughtful teacher! Homaira has taught me to listen and recognize signs in my body that suggest feelings of fear and insecurity. Being attentive with a more open heart and mind, I have gained a stronger sense of self and thus have become more compassionate in my relationships. What a gift!” – Barb

“What I love most about you is finding you in my everyday quest to resonate with a soulful life. Merci for your timely words of wisdom. It’s the idea of seek & you shall find. I found you in my quest.” – Kellyann

Your Investment

WTM is like having your own personal coach and mentor come to you EVERY WEEK to help you tend and till your inner space.

You get:

  • Weekly emails that ground you and connect you to your core
  • Powerful questions that help you find your own answers
  • Suggestions for action that are small, practical and evidence-based 
  • Monthly coaching calls where I bring you the wisdom of 10+ years of coaching experience
  • Workshops, surprises, posters and jolts of joy that lift you up and nourish your sense of self

This is worth hundreds of dollars a month in value, not to mention the time and energy you save looking for what you need on the internet.

Why am I offering it to you for an unbelievably low price?

Because my mission with WTM is to help women around the world shine their light in their homes, workplaces and communities. 

And I do not want location or price to get in the way.

Wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, I encourage you to gift yourself $5 a week and 15 minutes of your time just for YOU. What you’ll get in return is priceless: the compassionate, wise and courageous woman you truly are when connected to your core. 


monthly payments of



Quarterly payments of



One payment of



Experiencing a sense of grounded-ness that allows you to respond to life and people, rather than react – then regret – your reactions.

Having deep awareness of the thoughts and behaviors that don’t serve you and the ability to replace them with those that do.

Knowing what it takes to transform your relationships and experiencing the confidence and fulfillment that comes from feeling supported by others. 

Living with inherent trust in the workings of the universe, even when you feel lost of confused, and seeing yourself as one with the larger flow of life. 

Most of all, imagine the feeling that you are LIVING your life—that you’re engaged with it—rather than watching it from the sidelines…

Its all possible with WTM!

Hi, I’m Homaira. Women’s wellbeing and leadership development coach, self-worth researcher and creator of Me the Matriarch, an evidence-based leadership program to help women actualize their potential.

What I’ve found in my personal and professional journey, is that the tools and approaches we have in our world are not serving women, because they are misaligned with our needs, challenges and aspirations.

As a collective, we’re facing challenges on all fronts. Our lives have been flipped over and then some.

This is why I’m so excited to bring you We the Matriarch. Its mission is to help you ground yourself by connecting to your true sources of feminine power. Everything I share with you is based on my research on women’s confidence, and the gap in our current approach to helping women live their best lives.

It is my hope that in setting aside 15 minutes or so a week — and we can all carve out that time — you’ll be able to strengthen that space within that will help you live your best possible life!

“I want to thank you for giving hope that we don’t have to settle with our daily struggles. Something can be done to improve it and your advices are here to help us along the way. And for providing the contexts and situations where I can identify myself (understand that I am not alone in this situation!) and put another perspective to it.”
Joy Sweet

“Homaira, I am absolutely amazed by you and your work, and feel so privileged to receive your love, compassion and wisdom. Really SOOO beautiful!!! I can’t find words to tell you the powerful spirit that you project , and with such a high level of conceptual and practical understanding. I would say your work is perfect.”
Katherine Barkley

“I want you to know your words hit home with me every time. It’s truly sad that we are all struggling, but in my world of being a single, childless (by choice) working woman of 56, still trying to shake free from the intense trauma of my childhood, you speak words that help me to feel there is still hope for me, and a future of self empowerment to work toward. Keep going. You are needed.”


What kind of difference can I expect?

A greater sense of relaxation and ease, but also the courage and passion to stay committed to what is important to you. 

How long do I have stay in the membership?

For as little or as long as you want! We believe that in the noise and stresses of the world we live in, it is always good to have guideposts that nurture the truth of who you are. That is the purpose of the membership. 

Is the membership similar to the Goodbye Perfect program?

No. The program is based on Homaira’s research-backed framework for self-actualization; the purpose is to help you rise to your highest potential. The membership is the ongoing work of tending and tilling the ground on which you can do so. 

What if I miss some of the emails?

In order to keep the cost of the membership as affordable as possible (while still providing you value) we aren’t housing the content on a platform at this time. Please mark us “safe” so our emails don’t land in your spam or junk, and save them in a folder so you can revisit them whenever you want. 

Will the masterclasses be recorded?

Absolutely! We’ll include the recordings for you to listen/watch at your leisure … and as many times as you need.

Will the monthly calls be recorded?

We do record the calls, in case someone on the call wants to listen again. But we do not send out the recordings otherwise, because of their private nature—they are for members who want to talk about or work through their challenges. If you want to do so, you need to attend live. We toggle between both hemispheres each month to reach as many of you as possible. Here’s the call schedule (LINK to the call schedule)  

Do you provide refunds?

If you find the membership isn’t what you’d hoped we’re happy to refund you. However, we ask that you try it for at least a month – just like going to the gym once isn’t going to build muscle, nourishing your mind and soul takes time.  Reach out if you’d like to cancel your membership and we’ll cancel your plan and you won’t be billed further.