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Unpack Your Authentic Confidence

Free to Flourish is a unique confidence building group coaching program that gets to the heart of what holds competent women from realizing their potential.

It is based on a research-backed model of authentic confidence* that’s aligned with the needs, challenges and aspirations of working women today.

Who is the Program for?

It’s for the brilliant woman who:

  • Regularly second-guesses her abilities
  • Is pushing herself constantly prove herself
  • Feels frustrated by seeing other, often less qualified people, get ahead
  • Beats down on herself for mistakes and reacts adversely to feedback and criticism

It’s for the conscientious woman who:

  • Is tired of putting all her energy into work and missing out on her relationships and life
  • Wants to create meaningful change but feels trapped in relentless challenges every day
  • Yearns for something larger than financial success but doesn’t quite know what it is
  • Knows she is capable of a lot more and is living with the angst of her unmet potential

“Your wisdom, experience and passion can be felt throughout your words and courses. After completing the Authentic Confidence program, I was able to make decisions with clarity despite fear, decisions that I wasn’t able to before. Even though they were small decisions (small steps) they have manifested into greater experiences and opportunities, and still continue today.

– Gwen Tran

A Woman's Journey to Stuck-ness

If you’re like many competent and conscientious women, you’ve reached a certain level of success – and hit a dead-end.

Seniority has brought you face to face with systemic and interpersonal challenges in the workplace and despite putting in a lot more time and effort, you’re feeling stymied and not reaping rewards the way you once did.

Life too has become more complicated. Gone are the carefree days of earlier years, replaced by the never-ending demands of growing children and ageing parents. You’re burning yourself out in keeping everything working and everyone happy, and losing out on all ends.

The dream of having it all is dwindling, and with it, the confidence you once had in yourself.

The Swamp of Fragile Confidence

My research on women’s confidence in the workplace has highlighted a reality few of us recognize. Most of us arrive at mid-adulthood disconnected with our sources of courage and living someone else’s lives. We’re hooked onto behaviors that provide us with external validation and make us feel good in the moment. We have fragile confidence where our sense of self-worth is dependent on success and approval to fill an often unknown hole in the heart.

As we move past the early stages of our lives and careers, success and approval become harder to come by, especially for high-achieving women. We raise the bar even higher for ourselves and do more of what we’re always done – except that neither our strategy nor our standards ensure success or appreciation. Our inner beliefs begin to surface overtime – beliefs we’ve been running away from all our lives. And we begin to lose our ground and feel pulled into despair.

The Promise of Authentic Confidence

Here’s a truth women know in our bones: We’ve been sold a sub-optimal story of confidence. Deep down, we’re not looking for the patriarchal form of confidence that is modelled in our society and rewarded in our workplaces. We’re tired of twisting ourselves like a pretzel to fit into norms and expectations that have left us feeling stressed out and unfulfilled. What we yearn for is the confidence to embrace who we are and take a stand for what we most value.

We’re searching for authentic confidence that emulates from the inside out. Our challenges of juggling between our dual sources of meaning – success at work AND fulfilling relationships have made us grow up. Our need to “have it all” is not based in greed, but in the very construct of our psyche. We want to actualize our full potential as leaders, as mothers, as change makers because we recognize that anything less is a life of guilt and regrets.


Why this is important work… 

As a women’s wellbeing and leadership coach, I see how women’s beliefs are perhaps their greatest obstacle to the lives they want to live. I see qualified women who doubt themselves, or are busy proving themselves in jobs they’ve already earned. Or competent women who are thrown apart with failure or negative feedback despite their many successes. Or conscientious women who are beating down on themselves (and sometimes others) for failing to meet their standards in all the roles they play. And feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

Perhaps you relate too? I feel a special call to change this because we need women like you in the world. We need women who are fired up to rise and be change maker for their teams, families or communities. Women who believe in a world where everyone is free to thrive, contribute and live their most meaningful lives. And I know that the only way we do despite the extensive and endless challenges we face is by empowering ourselves from within. That’s the essence of my work so that when life tries to break you, you’re broken open and not apart.

The Road to Freedom

Through extensive social, psychological and organizational postgraduate research on women’s confidence in the workplace, I have developed a framework that builds each of the components of authentic confidence. Unlike fragile confidence that is a fair-weather friend, authentic confidence is the inner vessel that grounds you through good times and bad, and empowers you to step into the world with the best of yourself.

I have tested this framework not only in psychological trials (RCTs) but also in my work with hundreds of women around the world who are seeing lasting change in their lives. Through a structured approach, they’re able to strive toward their goals with themselves by their sides and gain from their experiences to further strengthen their sense of self. These feedback loops change the structure of their brains and embed confidence into the fabric of their being.

“Homaira’s work resonated with all our female leaders. Her compelling approach combines the latest cutting-edge research with simple, evidence-based practices to make measurable change. She engages an audience intellectually and emotionally and ensures no participant leaves without at least one valuable take-away!” (Jessica Amortegui, Senior Director, Learning and Development, Logitech)

Senior Director, Learning and Development, Logitech
JESSICA AMORTEGUI Senior Director, Learning and Development, Logitech

Homaira has a thorough understanding of the psychological construct of self-worth, and how it plays out in women’s lives, in their relationships and in the workplace. With her deep knowledge of the science of positive psychology and her long-standing expertise in coaching, I highly recommend her to help women build optimal self-worth towards their most successful and meaningful lives.

Professor University of East London
DR ITAI IVTZAN Professor University of East London

I highly recommend Homaira as a coach for women. Her insights on a woman’s self-worth, confidence, and fulfillment are based on the latest research. I know women in the business world need her talents more than ever as we’re seeing women losing their ambition when facing gender obstacles at work.

Director, Forbes, WomensMedia
NANCY CLARK Director, Forbes, WomensMedia

Free to Flourish

Based on the framework, I’ve developed a unique confidence building program in order to help a lot more women live the lives they want to live. Free to Flourish is a 3-month online group coaching program that will empower you from within to let go of the behaviours that keep you stuck and stressed out, and strive from a place of ease and joy toward your highest potential.


Playing small and avoiding risks,

Getting thrown apart with failure of negative feedback,

Setting the bar unreasonably high for yourself and others,

Waiting for permission,

Seeking more praise and approval,

Comparing with others and trying to prove yourself all the time,


know what you value and have the courage to speak up or take a stand for it

stay guided by the picture and support and empower others to fulfill their potential

prioritize what’s important and support and empower others to fulfill their potential

recognize your needs and give yourself permission to fulfill them

feel supported by others and have a healthy balance of give and take

value your unique contribution and feel comfortable letting others know about it


“Homaira, I am absolutely amazed by you and your program, and feel so privileged to have been able to receive your love, compassion and wisdom. Really SOOO beautiful!!! I can´t find words to tell you the powerful spirit that you project through your work, and with such a high level of conceptual and practical understanding. I would say your work is perfect.

– Katherine Barkley

I found Homaira to be extremely attuned to the biases we women bring to life decisions and as the month progressed I could feel myself changing perspective, feeling stronger in my strengths and more confident about decisions I needed to take.

– Priya Sampath

Registration for the next Free to Flourish program will open in late August. It will run from September 3rd to end November.

How the Program Works

The program is designed to meet the needs of time-starved working women who want:

  • Regular support to meet their everyday challenges
  • Flexibility because life isn’t always (or rarely) in their control
  • Something that works because they’re tired of failed promises
  • A curated offering instead of having to sift through information overload
  • A safe space where they’re comfortable sharing because they’ve regretted doing so at work

Free to Flourish is a curated and research backed 3-month program where we meet every week on a 30 – 40 minute call* to let go of one of the 8 addictions of fragile confidence by building one of the 8 components of authentic confidence.

On each call, I share the research on the component and an evidence based practice to implement over the week. We then open up for Q&A and live coaching and I help you work through your challenge by identifying the behaviors that are holding you back.

*Calls take place on Zoom. If you need to miss a call for any reason, you get the recording and the worksheet shortly afterward. The program is meant to free you, not add to your stresses!

You also get access to our private group on Workplace where the conversation continues between calls. This is where you post your intentions, get support through your challenges and hold each other accountable toward your goals. I also support you fully on Workplace.


Call 1 – June 4, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
Why do I have Fragile Confidence?

Call 2 – June 11, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
Putting Yourself First
Addicted to Numbing

Call 3 – June 18, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
Building Real Connection
Addicted to Praise

Call 4 – June 25, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
Valuing Your Contribution
Addicted to Comparison

Call 5 – July 2, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
Uncovering Your Purpose 
Addicted to Approval

Break and consolidation week

Call 6 – July 16, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
Becoming Bold Again
Addicted to Perfection

Call 7 – July 23, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
Building Networks
Addicted to Pleasing

Call 8 – July 30, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
Letting Go and Moving On
Addicted to Rumination

Call 9 – August 6, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
Living Fully
Addicted to Control

Call 10 – August 13, 2019
9 am Pacific, noon Eastern
The Journey Forward

Your membership in the program and the Workplace group stays active until August 31st 2019


Working with Homaira has been wonderful in so many ways. Her warmth and understanding really stood out for me. I often felt like I was babbling on about a million things, but she was able to draw out the deepest insights from my “babble” and I have been astonished by how she’s been able to connect the dots for me.

– Jing Lin
Valerie E

I highly recommend Homaira and her approach to building confidence, not only in the workplace, but in life in general. By working through her thoughtful exercises, videos and questions, I developed a clear idea of what was holding me back, and how to overcome the obstacles surrounding my insecurities. I feel a greater sense of self worth, stronger self-advocacy, and a renewed sense of optimism in my career and my life. Thanks Homaira!

– Valerie E

Registration for the next Free to Flourish program will open in late August. It will run from September 3rd to end November.

Fast Facts about Homaira

Homaira is the creator and teacher of the Free to Flourish program that is based on her extensive research on women’s confidence in the workplace

Homaira earned her Masters degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London, at the second largest Positive Psychology program in the world, taught by renowned instructors and researchers in the field

Homaira is a certified coach from MentorCoach, an internationally recognized coach training community that specializes in Positive Psychology Coaching

Homaira has been featured in numerous publications and writes regularly for Forbes, the Huffington Post, Happify, Positive Psychology News Daily, Thrive Global and numerous other publications

Homaira’s work is a blend of head and heart, inner work and skills training that addresses the inner blockages that women experience in a way that speaks to their inherent paradox


Q: How is Free to Flourish different to other confidence building programs?

A: Free to Flourish is a curated program that is structured on a research backed framework that I have tested with hundreds of professional women. It builds the psychological components of confidence layer by layer so that what you develop is authentic confidence that is both lasting and leads to psychological wellbeing at work and in your relationships in and outside of work. The program will provide you with practical insights from positive psychology, neuroscience and women’s leadership and empower you with evidence based tools that will bring out the best in you, your team, and your relationships.

Q: What is the time commitment required?

A: Free to Flourish is designed specifically with the needs of busy working women in mind. The only real weekly time commitment is the 30-40 minutes for the calls, the 5-10 minutes to complete the worksheet and the 5-10 mins spent on Workplace – 1 hour at tops every week. The rest is simply being mindful of your behaviours and replacing them with those that benefit you and those around you. In fact, you’ll likely end up saving time, because you’re not spending it in needless worry and rumination, nor in pleasing others or perfecting your work when you don’t need to!

Q: How do I know if Free to Flourish is right for me? 

A: If you feel stuck or unhappy in your career and how it’s impacting your life, you’ll benefit from the program no matter what stage your career is at. You’ll not only get the right knowledge and tools, but also the support you need to turn your learning into real change in your career and life. Please feel free to write to me at homaira@homairakabir.com with any doubts or questions you may have, or book yourself in for a free call where I can answer your questions and help you decide on the best way forward.

Q: What changes can I expect to experience?

A: There are 2 major changes that you will experience, both of which feed upon each other toward in an upward cycle of growth. If you show up for the calls (or listen to the recordings), you will experience an expanded perspective and the ability to identify the behaviours that are holding you back. If you also do the work of implementing the learning in your life through the evidence based practices, you will replace these behaviours with those that lead to more joy and ease, a strengthening sense of self and greater confidence in your ability to take risks and grow through them. My research has shown that the changes will continue well into your future.

Q: How do the coaching calls work? 

A: Calls take place on Zoom (you can join online by downloading the app or dial in). All participants on the call are muted for the first 10-15 minutes while I introduce the topic, share relevant knowledge and provide you with a couple of evidence based strategies to implement over the week. We them open up for questions and live coaching where you can either unmute yourself to ask your questions or write them out in the chat box. Even if you don’t wish to participate live, listening to others being coached is a great way to learn to become your own coach.

Q: Are the calls confidential?

A: Only members have access to the calls and the call recordings. You can get to know each other and connect more deeply through Workplace – the private online platform where we communicate and support each other between calls. The relationships that you can develop in this online setting is perhaps one of the greatest strengths of the program as you’re free to talk about your challenges and weaknesses in a safe environment without the fear of sharing too much with colleagues or employees and regretting it later on.

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