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THRIVE Group Coaching 

Strategies and Support to live with Joy and Intention

Without the Cost

Group Coaching is a monthly subscription that provides you with the knowledge, strategies and support to builds lasting habits of wellbeing and flourishing.

The Structure

We meet online every 2 weeks to address a topic related to one of the pathways of the Thrive framework. We stick to one pathway for a 2-month period as this allows us to stay focused by addressing topics related to the pathway.

We generally meet every other Tuesday at 10 pm Eastern / 7 pm Pacific

Pathways rotate every 2 months and are removed after the 2-month cycle. This is important for multiple reasons:

  • It maintains participant confidentiality so that only current members get access to what’s discussed on the calls
  • It encourages participants to engage with the topic and take action on their learning – the most critical factor of lasting change
  • It stays relevant as we discuss new topics based on participants’ challenges every time the pathway is re-addressed. This re-enforces learning

The recordings and worksheets stay up through the 2-month period and can be downloaded before they’re removed.

Once you sign-up, your account is billed on a monthly basis from the time you sign up. You can sign-up at any time even midway through a pathway and access all the topics covered so far. You can cancel at any time too – the then-current rate will apply if you wish to sign up again.

Current Pathway



As women, we face the unique challenges of work and life, both of which are key sources of meaning and fulfillment in our lives. Placing our own energy needs at the center of how we show up has never been this important.

Topics include:

  • Managing stress and overwhelm
  • Building calm and relaxation
  • Letting go of perfection
  • Managing worry and rumination



Call recordings stay available through Jan 15

The Framework

The 3 pathways are based on the science of human flourishing, and addresses one of the motivational systems of the human brain. It’s also aligned with the biological and social factors that influence a women’s confidence and wellbeing.

The topics are around the challenges that most women face given our common journey through life. These challenges are often based on fears of rejection and/or failure, and can show up in a variety of self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.

We do not directly address the core, as that is often tied to personal experiences and aspirations*. However, when we address each of the pathways through evidence based strategies, we’re often able to strengthen the inner core as these work in feedback loops.

*Please check out Individual Coaching if you need personal support instead of, or alongside GC.

Scrolling Testimonials

The Platform

When you sign up, you’ll be directed to a beautiful online platform where you will have access to the following:

  • Call times and links
  • Call recordings the next day
  • Worksheets to go with each call
  • Access to your online community
  • Extra resources
  • Daily Intention Planner to turn your learning into action

Calls take place on Zoom – you can join online via audio or a phone line. You do not have to actively participate in the calls unless you want to. You can submit your questions online prior to the calls or during the calls, or you can listen to other people being coached which is an equally effective way to bring change in your life.

Each call is about 60 minutes in length, where I teach for about 15 minutes and then open up to your questions and coach you through your challenges with evidence-based strategies. We always end with a brief reflection on your key take-aways and on ways you’ll turn them into lasting habits. The call recording along with a worksheet is available on the platform the next day.

Why I do this...

In my work and experiences over the past decade, one thing has always struck me. Women are committed and conscientious and want to do our best in all the roles we play. And yet, too often we either don’t know how to do so, or we don’t have a system in place that can translate our knowledge into action. That’s when life begins to feel heavy, lifeless, incomplete and unfulfilling. We keep striving unsuccessfully or waiting for the day something changes. All the while the years keep passing by…

It really doesn’t have to be this way. When we build positive habits in key areas of our lives, we release latent energy to show up with the best of ourselves, and rise to the challenges that are an integral part of a life or growth and flourishing. That’s how we live fully, intentionally and purposefully.

Read Fast Facts about Homaira.

You can sign up right now to become part of our THRIVE community


Q: How do I receive live coaching on a call?  
A: All participants on the call are asked to stay muted throughout the calls for maximum sound clarity. If you want to be coached, press *6 if you’re dialling in, or press unmute on Zoom so I can directly coach you on your challenges, or answer a question you may have.

Q: What if I have a question but don’t want to participate live?
A: You can post your question in the chat box on Zoom, or send it in via the Chat room on the coaching platform. I will address as many of these as I can during the 1 hour we have together.

Q: Can I ask a question that does not directly relate to the topic or the theme?
A: You can! If you’re struggling in any other aspect of your life, feel free to ask questions AFTER we’ve addressed all questions related to the topic and/or theme.

Q: Is it worth signing up if I’m not going to participate?
A: Yes! Listening to other people being coached is often the fastest way to not only understand your own challenges, but also learn how to manage them. We see ourselves most clearly through others and that’s perhaps the greatest benefit of group coaching. So feel free to say as much or as little as you wish!

Q: Are the calls confidential?
A: Only current members have access to what’s discussed on the calls. If you feel uncomfortable sharing your challenges, you can simply listen in to the calls.

Q: How can I get to know the other participants?
A: Once you sign up, you’ll be able to introduce yourself on the coaching platform if you wish. You can also interact with other participants, share your challenges, support them through theirs, and hold each other accountable in your goal pursuit. You are each other’s greatest strength!

Q: If I miss a call, when do I get the call recordings?
A: Call recordings are sent out via email within a day of the live call. You can also access them through your coaching platform as often as you like during the 2 month cycle, or download them to listen to them later.

Q: What happens once a theme is completed?
A: Once a theme has completed its 2-month cycle, it’s not available for signup and call recordings and worksheets are removed from the coaching platform. You will be sent a reminder to download the material before its removed.

Q: What happens in the 1 month between themes? 
A: Its the time to integrate what we’ve learnt and discussed during the calls. The “chat” feature stays open on the coaching platform and I also visit weekly to answer any questions you may have.

Q: Do I need to signup for each new theme? 
A: Once you signup for group coaching, each new topic and theme is automatically brought to you via the emails and the coaching platform. You lose access only if you unsubscribe.

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