There’s never been a better
time to re-imagine your life

I can help you do so

2020 has become a year of question marks.


How will the future play out? What are the changes and challenges that will come up?

Do I have what it takes to rise to them? How do I need to prepare?

When uncertainty is the only certainty we have, we need to dig deeper.

How do I want to live my life?

Who do I want to become?

What is the contribution I want to make?

We need to get back to the drawing board, so we can recraft our lives in a way
that brings us both success and fulfillment.

Because most times, we’re living someone else’s lives.

Maybe you already knew that. But with everything on your plate, you’d pushed your life to the backburner. You’d told yourself “one day, I’ll start living it”. And until then, you’ve kept twisting yourself like a pretzel to fit into society’s molds or workplace expectations.

The crisis has certainly questioned these molds and expectations. Maybe it’s given you the time you need to reflect on your life. Or maybe it’s been your moment of insight. With the world calling for healing, you’ve begun to realize that you have a critical role to play.

It’s your time to show up. Whether it’s for your own joy and success, or for the people you love and lead, you can no longer afford to stay mired in self-doubt or confusion. Or live in the past of what could’ve and should’ve been.

You need to take .charge of your. life. And that’s .where I come in.

The Dreams You Have

I work with ambitious and heart-centered women who are feeling stuck and unhappy, or who want to take their lives and careers to the next level. And they want to feel safe and supported in doing so.


The 12-session FLOURISH* Coaching Program is my signature program for women who want to live with meaning and know they’ve inner work to do. 

It’s for you if you’re:

feeling not “good enough”, letting people walk over you, and feeling unhappy about your life

doubting your abilities, playing small and or getting stuck by setbacks or criticism

wanting to feel supported and connected with those you love, and one with the world

know more is possible for your life but unsure of what it is or how to contribute

tired of perfection and pleasing and doing, and want more ease and joy in your life

*It’s based on the psychological milestones of women’s self-actualization in today’s world. 


The 8-session RISE* Coaching Program is a leadership development program to help corporate and business women lead with authenticity and purpose.

It’s for you if you’re:

struggling to stand out, position yourself for the next role, or be seen and / or promoted

feeling unappreciated or resentful, and unable to set boundaries or manage criticism

lacking a support system at work, or unable to engage and inspire your team / boss

feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, yet unable to let go of habits that are not helping

navigating career change or looking for support in bringing your special gift into the world

*It’s been tested in randomized controlled trials with over 250 women around the world.

The Difference I Bring

My work is both science backed and soulful. I believe that as women, we’re a paradox. And in order to live our full lives, and become who we really are, we need to take our head, heart and soul along in life’s journey.

The frameworks I share with you are backed by my research on women’s confidence and flourishing. The practices are evidence-based, drawn from the science of mindfulness, positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapies. And I package it together with the empathetic understanding that comes from 10+ years of coaching experience, and the universal challenge of living an intentional life in a stressful world, and with a fear-based brain.

I get you, because I am you. Whether you’re looking for greater confidence, career clarity and success, or a more authentic and fulfilled life, I help you cut through the noise and get to the heart of what matters most to you. You’ll not only feel understood and inspired, you’ll also be empowered with the right tools and strategies to bring your full self to the world.


Mama Coaching Image

“I reached out to Homaira for coaching because her emails would often address a topic just as I was grappling with it myself – in a way that really spoke to me. Her coaching provided me with the examples, appropriate exercises as well as feedback on my thought processes. I found her to be extremely attuned to the biases we women bring to life decisions and as the month progressed I could feel myself changing perspective, feeling stronger in my strengths and more confident about decisions I needed to take.”


“When I was looking for someone to help me navigate a difficult time in my work and relationship life,  I turned to Homaira for coaching.   Her ability to show understanding and empathy to my situation was comforting.  She provided me with a number of self-reflection exercises that helped uncover some of my  limiting beliefs. As a result of her guidance, I was able to more confidently make decisions that have aligned with my core values.  Homaira is a woman of grace and wisdom –  I would not hesitate to recommend her for speaking or coaching engagements.


“I went to Homaira to help me navigate some pretty unhealthy personal relationships. Not only did she help with that tremendously, but she also helped me to see what my passions are and to shake a lot of guilt and other negative emotions I had been dealing with for years. She gave me weekly homework which was very helpful to check in with myself between sessions, and I was always sent home with notes, coping skills, charts, etc. Thanks,  Homaira!”


Please fill out the application above that best addresses your needs. Once I receive it, I’ll be in touch to set up a free exploratory call if I believe the program is right for you. Please note, I take on only a handful of clients at a time, and open up spaces as they become available.

You may also want to check out my focused 3 session coaching package designed to guide and support you through a specific challenge you’re facing at this time.