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Homaira is a top-notch positive psychology coach and writer. Her wisdom and deep understanding of the science behind a more fulfilling life comes through crystal clear in both her work and her writing. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

-Tiffany Sun
Head of Content Strategy. Happify

I help competent and conscientious women develop the self-awareness that’s essential to living their biggest and boldest lives

I began working with women over a decade ago, initially as a psychotherapist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, and then as a positive psychology coach helping them live their most successful and meaningful lives. In all this time, I’ve seen again and again that those who embrace life fully and accomplish what we set out to achieve, are the ones who are confident in who we are and what we’re capable of.

Unfortunately, this is not so for many women. For reasons that often go back to our very years, many of us don’t know who we really are or what we truly want. We’re living someone else’s life and waiting until we discover our own. Or we’re going after goals and achievements that are devoid of joy and fulfillment and where success is often at the expense of health, relationships and a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

My work is about helping women find joy in life, success at work, and the contentment that comes from knowing that they’re leaving the world a little better than they found it.

What You Can Expect From Me

Depending on where you want to see change in your life, our work may involve:

  • Making sense of your past, moving through the mindsets, fears and doubts that hold you back or affect your relationships
  • Sifting between the essence and the noise, prioritizing your time and energy and finding greater joy and flow in what you do
  • Identifying goals that are important to you, setting timelines and milestones, and developing a plan to achieve them
  • Developing strategies to manage self-doubt and the discomfort of risk-taking, and dealing with possible criticism and/or failure
  • Managing triggers and automatic reactions, letting go of control and developing healthy coping mechanisms
  • Breaking free from comparison and rumination by appreciating strengths, having clarity of direction and unhooking from praise and approval
  • Developing healthy relationships of trust and empathy, learning to set boundaries and/or be vulnerable where needed

And all of this with evidence based tools and strategies while asking you tough questions and holding you accountable, but also being your greatest advocate and cheer-leader as you overcome your fears and challenges and create positive change for yourself and for those around you.

What You Can Expect For You

My clients tell me that working with me has helped them in many ways:

  • Finally doing the things they’ve always wanted to do (instead of procrastinating or leaving important things in the “one day” basket)
  • Having the clarity to know which ideas to pursue and which to safely leave behind (especially for the creatives amongst us)
  • Feeling more energized to take on new initiatives or bring about change (instead to feeling drained with everything on their plate)
  • Feeling more like themselves – I love this one because it shows that they are connecting to their authentic selves
  • Feeling more confident in their abilities and in asking for what they want (instead of the nagging Imposter Syndrome or feelings of being less deserving)
  • Relating to themselves how I relate to them – with kindness and positive regard, while holding them accountable for what they need to do
  • Feeling more supported from those around them (instead of seeing the world through the lens of inferiority or distrust)

I get below the surface to what really ignites you and what inhibits you, so you show up with the best of yourself. The knowledge, skills and tools you learn and practice extend far beyond any single area of your life. You change as a person, and you become in charge of your own life.

Different Ways of Working Together

Each coaching package provides you with access to a customized online platform where I upload forms and worksheets as we work together, and where you can stay in touch with me via email between sessions. This is to help you access support in one place and to reflect on your learning as we work towards change.

If you’re a high-achieving woman who feels stuck and/or unfulfilled in your career or business, please check out Leadership Coaching

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