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How Can I Help You?

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy?

Do you want to let go of self-limiting beliefs and show up with greater confidence?

Do you wish for greater authenticity and the joy of living in alignment with who you are and what you value?

Here’s how I can help!

Coaching for Confidence

Through 10+ years of coaching experience as a women’s wellbeing and leadership coach, and 3 years of postgraduate research on women’s confidence, I’ve developed a framework of flourishing that builds your inner resources, so you find the power within to rise above your challenges and pursue the life you truly want to live.

The framework consists of 8 components on a 3-layered pyramid and lies at the core of the work I do. I identify the components that need work for you, and we work through the layers in a structured manner. This layering is essential for effective and lasting change in negative thoughts and behaviours, else we get in our own way when life throws us challenges.

The Change You’ll Experience

Freedom from old and self-limiting beliefs (even the ones you weren’t aware of)
Appreciation of your strengths and knowing how and when to dial them up or down
Knowing what makes you happy and alive, and building it into your day (without guilt)
Clarity on your values and vision so you’re no longer driven by your fears

An understanding of your emotions and the courage to take action despite them
Freedom from the “disease to please” replaced by relationships of give and take
The wisdom of learning from failure and criticism and moving on (instead of shutting down)
The perspective of a fully lived life that is free from resentment and regrets


“It was a real enriching experience working with you! It gave me the “clarity” to find what was really missing in my life, and the practical tools to be able to have a much more balanced life. Now I have a ritual that makes me feel happy everyday. I’m so grateful for your help.


The Coaching Experience

One of the most common experiences clients have in working with me is that I get them. I believe it’s because of my deep understanding of psychology and neuroscience, along with the very real work of working through my own experiences. It allows me to open up to your needs, challenges and aspirations, expressed and unexpressed, and provide you with both the knowledge and the tools to address them.

Whether you’re facing challenges at work, feeling stuck and unappreciated in your relationships, or struggling to feel happy and fulfilled in your life, I help you gain clarity of vision, understand the beliefs and behaviours that are getting in your way, and help you replace them with those that help you flourish. You transform as a person because you literally change the structure of your brain.

Are We a Good Fit?

What I bring to you is sincerity of heart, an abiding belief in your potential, and 100% commitment in helping you maximize it, fully supported by the rigour of science, research and evidence based strategies. My work is grounded in positive psychology, the science of a meaningful life, and coaching psychology, the science of an optimal life — an ideal combination to help you live YOUR most successful life.

What I need from you is the commitment to take charge of your life. The best tools are ineffective unless you’re willing to break old patterns of thought and behaviour. It’s not always easy because we feel safe in routine, and especially difficult when old habits are based in deep-seated fears. My role is to support you fully in working through them, to hold you accountable toward your goals, and to help you grow through all your experiences.

Working with Homaira has been wonderful in so many ways. Her warmth and understanding really stood out for me. I often felt like I was babbling on about a million things, but she was able to draw out the deepest insights from my “babble” and I have been astonished by how she’s been able to connect the dots for me.


 Homaira’s coaching provided me with the examples, appropriate exercises as well as feedback on my thought processes. I found her to be extremely attuned to the biases we women bring to life decisions and as the month progressed I could feel myself changing perspective, feeling stronger in my strengths and more confident about decisions I needed to take.


How Coaching Works

We begin our work with a 6-session package where calls are normally spaced 2 weeks apart. Once you sign up, you’ll be logged onto your personalized coaching platform where I’ll provide you with unlimited email support, upload evidence based worksheets as you need them, and keep you accountable toward your goals.

The first session is a big picture overview that allows me to understand key beliefs and challenges, along with what’s working and what’s not. We identify the areas of the framework that need to be addressed and create a roadmap for the way forward. Over the following sessions, you learn powerful tools and strategies that help you harness your strengths, manage your challenges and eventually become  your own coach.

Fast Facts about Homaira

Homaira is the creator and teacher of the Free to Flourish program that is based on her extensive research on women’s confidence in the workplace

Homaira earned her Masters degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London, at the second largest Positive Psychology program in the world, taught by renowned instructors and researchers in the field

Homaira is a certified coach from MentorCoach, an internationally recognized coach training community that specializes in Positive Psychology Coaching

Homaira has been featured in numerous publications and writes regularly for Forbes, the Huffington Post, Happify, Positive Psychology News Daily, Thrive Global and numerous other publications

Homaira’s work is a blend of head and heart, inner work and skills training that addresses the inner blockages that women experience in a way that speaks to their inherent paradox

“Homaira’s work resonated with all our female leaders. Her compelling approach combines the latest cutting-edge research with simple, evidence-based practices to make measurable change. She engages an audience intellectually and emotionally and ensures no participant leaves without at least one valuable take-away!”

Senior Director, Learning and Development, Logitech
JESSICA AMORTEGUI Senior Director, Learning and Development, Logitech

Homaira has a thorough understanding of the psychological construct of self-worth, and how it plays out in women’s lives, in their relationships and in the workplace. With her deep knowledge of the science of positive psychology and her long-standing expertise in coaching, I highly recommend her to help women build optimal self-worth towards their most successful and meaningful lives.

Professor University of East London
DR ITAI IVTZAN Professor University of East London

I highly recommend Homaira as a coach for women. Her insights on a woman’s self-worth, confidence, and fulfillment are based on the latest research. I know women in the business world need her talents more than ever as we’re seeing women losing their ambition when facing gender obstacles at work.

Director, Forbes, WomensMedia
NANCY CLARK Director, Forbes, WomensMedia
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