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Homaira is a top-notch positive psychology coach and writer. Her wisdom and deep understanding of the science behind a more fulfilling life comes through crystal clear in both her work and her writing. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Tiffany Sun
Head of Content Strategy. Happify

I work with conscientious women who are driven to succeed at work, be fulfilled in life and lead with their true and authentic expression

My work is grounded in research and based on a pioneering framework of Authentic Confidence that I have developed and tested on hundreds of women. It’s about helping you connect to your truth, expand your perspectives, and follow your heartfelt purpose.

It’s about helping you transform into your highest version.

Coaching for Confidence

In over a decade that I’ve been coaching women – often highly competent women – I’ve seen again and again that many times women know what they need to do, yet are unable to take action. They may even know they are competent, yet doubt themselves at every step, or fall apart with even subtle signs of failure or criticism. Many of these brilliant women are playing small and justifying their reasons for doing so. Or they’re engaged in relentless striving and burn out to prove themselves and/or maintain their successes (with an underlying fear of being found out to be a fraud).

I’ve done many years of research on women’s confidence in the workplace, and have found that the primary reason many of us fear speaking up, stepping out, and showing up fully in our work and relationships is because we are disconnected with the inner core of self-worth. This is the place of authentic joy, wholeness and purpose. Some of us recognize these feelings of low self-worth, but don’t have the tools to manage them effectively. And many of us don’t even know they exist, and undermine our success and fulfillment in life.

My work is about helping you find your definition of success and show up every day living it.

Coaching with Compassion

My approach is underpinned by compassion for many reasons:

Compassion is the key to activating the courage within. No lasting change has ever been brought about by pointing out faults, or wagging the finger of self-righteousness. My natural strengths of kindness and perspective help me enter your world with empathy, connect with your pains and aspirations, even the ones that may be elusive for you, and provide you with just what you need to move forward from a place of grounded-ness.

I know that you’re often the hardest on yourself. My compassion will help you build self-compassion – the key to taking risks (despite the possibility of failure or criticism) and to growing through them (even when things don’t go your way). It’ll also help you connect to your own needs and aspirations and give yourself the permission to honor them. I want all of us women to stop waiting for permission to live the lives that long to live within us.


“It was a real enriching experience working with you! It gave me the “clarity” to find what was really missing in my life, and the practical tools to be able to have a much more balanced life. Now I have a ritual everyday of asking myself this two questions.
“Did I do something today to make myself happy”
“Did I do something today to feel deeply connected with someone”
I’m so grateful for your help.


How it Works

We begin with a free half hour call where I get clear on what you’re looking for, and you ask as many questions as you have about how we’ll be working together. You’re under no obligation to hire me with this call. Its purpose is for us to determine whether we’ll be a good fit for working together.

If we decide to move ahead, you purchase a 5-session coaching package which gives you instant access to your personalized coaching platform. This is where:

  • You book your 5 coaching calls
  • You complete and submit worksheets that I upload for you
  • You stay accountable towards the goals we set at each call
  • You submit a pre-call form so our calls are laser-focused
  • You reach out to me via email as and when needed between calls

The first call is about creating a personal road map that identifies the gaps in the components of the Authentic Confidence framework. The following 4 calls help you address your challenges by filling these gaps and helping you turn them into lasting habits. We end with an action plan so you stay on track and continue to build upon your successes.

If you’d like additional support after the 5 sessions, we can discuss different options at the time.

Working with Homaira has been wonderful in so many ways. Her warmth and understanding really stood out for me. I often felt like I was babbling on about a million things, but she was able to draw out the deepest insights from my “babble” and I have been astonished by how she’s been able to connect the dots for me.


 Homaira’s coaching provided me with the examples, appropriate exercises as well as feedback on my thought processes. I found her to be extremely attuned to the biases we women bring to life decisions and as the month progressed I could feel myself changing perspective, feeling stronger in my strengths and more confident about decisions I needed to take.


I went to Homaira to help me navigate some pretty unhealthy personal relationships. Not only did she help with that tremendously, but she also helped me to see what my passions are and to shake a lot of guilt and other negative emotions I had been dealing with for years. I am definitely a lot healthier after visiting her regularly.


If Individual Coaching feels right for you, please book yourself in for a free call to explore further.

Please check out Thrive Group Wellbeing to see if that’s a better fit for you at this time

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