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The Difference between Individual Coaching and Group Coaching

When you’re considering investing your time, money and effort in your growth, you need to know you’re putting it in the right place!

Individual Coaching helps you find and rise to your highest potential

Group Coaching helps you stay intentional about a life of well-being

Naturally, both impact each other, but the focus of the coaching is entirely different. Your choice will depend on what you want to work on. 

Individual coaching will benefit you if you’re struggling to reach your goals because:

  • You need clarity on what these goals are
  • You’ve tried to achieve them but haven’t been successful
  • You’re feeling stuck, drained or stressed out in trying to achieve them

These are signs of low or fragile confidence, both of which are incongruent with long-term success. When I work with you, I help you move towards your goals with renewed joy and energy by expanding your perspectives and helping you transform as a person. We identify the gaps in a research-backed framework of authentic confidence that I have developed, and work through them systematically because the components build upon each other.

What results is SECURE striving toward goals that are important to you because you build an authentic sense of self-worth in the process.

Benefits of Individual Coaching

  • Faster results because I hold you accountable mid-session and keep modifying your commitments according to the challenges that come up or the successes you experience
  • Completely confidential as its only you and I on each call, which helps in sharing aspects of your life that you may not be comfortable with and yet which are holding you from moving forward
  • Flexibility on the date and time that works best for you depending on my availability and your commitments
  • Complete personal support as you can reach out to me via your personalized platform as and when you need to


Group coaching will benefit you if you want to live a well-lived life but aren’t intentional about it because:

  • You don’t quite know how to do so
  • You would like a regular system of accountability to stay focused on your intentions
  • You would like the support of other women who are on the same journey

THRIVE Group Coaching is based on a framework of flourishing that is backed by research in positive and social psychology and aligned with the areas that are important to women in our day and age. We address each of these areas (or pathways) for a 2 month period through 3 fortnightly coaching calls. Every 6 months we return to the pathway because there are unlimited topics in each.

Both forms of coaching provide you with guided knowledge to build your self-awareness and practical tools to help you take action

Benefits of Group Coaching

  • Community support, which is priceless because women are made for community! You learn from the experiences of others and also find strength in their support
  • Long-term commitment to your wellbeing because of its low price, regular structure and recurring attention to pathways that slip from our radar because of the stresses and pace of life
  • Built-in flexibility given that you don’t have to attend the live calls in case something comes up – you receive recordings and summaries the very next day
  • Cost! At USD 45 / month, you have few reasons to not put your own wellbeing at the center of how you show up in life

Individual Coaching is like hiring a personal trainer while Group Coaching is like joining gym classes 🙂

You can choose one or the other
You can decide to sign up for both
You can enter through one and transition to the other

Please get in touch if I can help you make your decision. Or book yourself in for a free call where we can discuss your needs and goals.

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