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How Group Coaching Calls Work

If you’ve never taken part in online group coaching sessions, you’ll likely have questions about what happens on each call. Here’s the entire process broken down for you!

To Join:

Calls take place on Zoom – you can also dial in using a landline. If you haven’t used Zoom before, you’ll find all the instructions on how to do so on the coaching platform when you signup. Its very simple – please free to reach out to my technical team for assistance if you face any challenges at all!

The Zoom link and dial in details for the calls will be sent out to you in the reminder emails a day before and an hour before each call. They will also be posted on the coaching platform. Attending the live calls is great, but not necessary by any means. I want group coaching to be a flexible and joyful experience that helps you, not stresses you out! If you can’t make it to the live call, please listen to the recording and read the summary and slides that are sent out the next day.

During the Calls:

On each call, I’ll introduce the topic for about 5 minutes, and teach for the next 15 – 20 minutes. I’ll share evidence-based strategies to work on the topic – for example what works in trying to let go of comparison, or to stop rumination, or to take criticism in stride. This first half of the call is interactive and I’ll encourage you to post your comments in the chat box on Zoom

In the second half of the call, we’ll open up for Q&A and direct coaching, where I’ll take as many questions and coach as many of you as I can until the end of the hour (and perhaps a little more). You don’t have to participate unless you want to. Simply listening in to the lessons and to others being coached is as beneficial as being coached because you get to reflect on your own situation. You can also stay completely anonymous on the calls if you wish. You’ll find instruction on how to do so on the coaching platform when you sign up.

If you would like to be coached, please keep in mind that each of you will only be able to get about 5 minutes unless we have few people on the call which can often happen. If you need more in-depth support, you may benefit from Individual Coaching as well.

All participants are muted during the call for maximum sound clarity. To ask a question, you may:

1) Press *6 (if you’ve dialed in)
2) “Raise your hand” and I’ll unmute you (if you’re using Zoom)
3) Enter your question in the chat box (if you’re using Zoom)
4) Post your question in the Chat room on our THRIVE platform or on our closed community on Workplace (if you’re not attending live). I won’t be monitoring these questions during the call, but will look at them before and after the calls.

For all questions we don’t get to address during the live calls, I’ll post replies in our Chat room shortly after. Sometimes I may identify a certain pattern and address a few questions together.

After the Calls:

The most important aspect of THRIVE is what you do in the 2 weeks between calls. I’ve uploaded ample material on the coaching platform that will encourage you to reflect on your learning, set yourself purposeful intentions, and optimize the action you take on them every day.

This is also the time to stay connected with fellow flourishers through the Chat room on our THRIVE platform or on our private community on Workplace where I regularly post updates and resources. The invite to Workplace will be sent out to you when you signup. Remember, the support and guidance we provide each other through our challenges and successes is the most beneficial aspect of group coaching.

After Each Pathway:

We have 3 calls in each 2-month pathway. This also gives us a few weeks to practice the learning, internalize the behaviors and experience the benefits. You’ll be fully supported through the Chat Room and Workplace discussions during this time – I’ll also post additional resources to strengthen the learning every few days.

Once a pathway nears completion, the recordings, summaries and slides linked to each of the 3 calls in the pathway are removed. This is important to maintain the confidentiality of participants and ensures that new members are not privy to older discussions. You’ll be sent a reminder email to download the contents before they are removed.

To see if THRIVE is for you, please click here and here for the research-backed framework we follow. And if there are any questions I haven’t addressed, please ask!


If you know other women who want to live with greater presence, intention and wellbeing, please share this page and invite them to join us.

And if you’d like to gift a subscription to a friend or family member, you can do so for any amount you choose! 

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