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The Difference Between Individual and Group Coaching

If you’re looking to invest in your growth and success, it’s important for you to know which of the two will support you best – Individual Coaching or Group Coaching.

I’ve explained the benefits of each below, so you can gain a better understanding and decide based on YOUR personality, the urgency of change and the resources available to you.

Both forms of coaching provide you with research backed knowledge (no more contradictory advice), and practical and evidence-based tools (so you experience real change)

Benefits of Individual Coaching

  • Faster results – we customize the roadmap according to your needs and goals, meet every 2 weeks to ensure gains and modify our journey as new insights emerge
  • Deeper insights – you have my 100% attention during each call which makes it easier to read between the lines and uncover the limiting beliefs you may be unaware of
  • Full support – I upload worksheets for you to help with your challenges on our coaching platform and you can reach out to me as and when you need between calls
  • Completely confidential – it’ll be easier for you to share parts of your life you may be uncomfortable with and for me to ask questions that challenge you to move forward

Individual Coaching is like hiring a personal trainer
Group Coaching is like joining gym class

Benefits of Group Coaching

  • Community support – priceless because women are made for community! You learn from the experiences of others, find strength in their support and feel good about giving it
  • Long-term commitment to your growth – because of regular and recurring structure, you’ll build lasting habits of wellbeing to manage the regular stresses and challenges of life
  • Built-in flexibility – you don’t have to attend the live calls in case something comes up and you can listen to the recordings at your own pace and convenience
  • Cost! At USD 45 / month, you have few reasons to not put your own wellbeing at the center of how you show up in life!

In both forms of coaching, and especially so in Individual Coaching, I hold you accountable – because we can all have great intentions but still stay stuck…

“I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument, while the song I came to sing remains unsung.”

— Poet Rabindranath Tagore

If you have any other questions, please book a free call to discuss!

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