Manage Your Inner Critic

and Grow Your Inner Guide

You have a voice in your head. And it speaks to you ALL THE TIME.

When you’re working on a project. Or talking to a friend.

When you’re looking in the mirror. Or someone’s looking at you.

It’s there when you’re about to do something you’re never done.

When you make a mistake. Or do something you wish you hadn’t.

And boy is it there when someone criticizes you. Or doesn’t praise you enough.

“Too slow” “Too fat” “Too emotional” “Too sensitive”

“Lazy” “Needy” “Boring” “Cranky old woman”

“Not good enough” (smart enough, thin enough, strong enough)

“Not cut out to be a mother (leader, creative, funny…)

“Big deal” “Look at her, and look at you”

“Who do you think you are?”

Would you EVER talk to someone like that!!

Not unless you want them to feel terrible about themselves.

So why don’t you let it go?

“Because what if it’s right?”

THAT’S your real fear!

What if I AM…

  lazy and need to be pushed all the time?

  too emotional and need to bottle up, else no one will take me seriously?

  too slow and if I ask for help or more time, everyone will find out?

  not as smart as everyone else, so I HAVE to work extra hard to keep my job?

  too needy and should stop asking my partner for help. Or love. Or appreciation?

What if I just need to be grateful for what I have, because it’s more than I deserve?

Here’s the thing: the inner critic has been with you even before your first day of school.

Of course, you think it’s right!


So here’s what I want you to ask instead:

  Am I experiencing joy and ease in my life? Or am I always trying harder and feeling overwhelmed and burnt out most of the time?

  Can I accept that I’m human, and forgive myself when I make mistakes or say something I wish I hadn’t? Instead of shaming, blaming and hanging onto it for days. Years?

  Do I feel happy and alive in what I do? Or am I always perfecting and pleasing and doubting and comparing? And feeling like I don’t measure up?

  Do I give myself permission to relax and just watch the world go by? Not as a reward for a tough day. But just because…?

  Am I living a full life? The life I would love to live. Or am I struggling to even visualize what that life can be?

  Do I feel good about myself? And proud that I’m becoming the woman I want to be?

Still thinking?


In my coaching career, I’ve seen brilliant women shortchanging their potential and living smaller lives of regret and frustration.


Because of a pesky, snarky and devious inner critic that has nothing good to say. Unless of course you listen to it. And even then…

I know this because I wasted many years of MY life trapped in an eating disorder. Even when I stepped out of it, I stepped right into the need to be perfect in other ways. In the workplace. At home. In my relationship. As a mother. As a manager. With friends…

You know that endless treadmill.

To finally break free, I did a double master’s degree in positive psychology () and coaching psychology (), and postgraduate research on women’s confidence. The roadmap I developed has helped hundreds of women find the emotional freedom we need to live our most successful lives.


Manage Your Inner Critic
and Grow Your Inner Guide

The very first, and MOST IMPORTANT step to the life you want to live.

Manage Your Inner Critic is an online course to help you move
FORWARD in your life, by changing the way you relate to yourself.

By the end of the program you’ll be able to: 

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And the benefits will last you a lifetime. Growing your inner guide will help you:

  Let go of trying to please everyone and perfect everything, so you stop drifting or burning out, and gain traction toward what matters.

  Accept discomfort and uncertainty without the need to DO something, because fear-based actions don’t make anything better.

  Have those difficult conversations without losing it and then confirming your negative beliefs about yourself or the other person.

  Take important risks even if you don’t feel 100% ready or qualified. Even if everything inside you is screaming “don’t do it!!!

  Feel more alive and creative, rather than worrying about your performance, and comparing yourself to those far ahead in the journey

  Stop JUDGING – yourself or others (aka hanging onto mistakes, failures, what you said, what they said…)

  Celebrate your successes without the pressure to maintain them. And feel joyful and happy when things are good, instead of painting doom and gloom scenarios of loss…

What You Get

Manage Your Inner Critic is delivered in 3 emails, spaced 2 days apart so you get time to listen to the audio and do the worksheets.

Revisit as often as you like, because it’s easy to fall back to old ways, especially when you’re stressed or feeling down.

Each email contains:

An audio: I explain the topic with a brief scientific background for it, and give you real-life examples so you can reflect how it applies in your life. The audios are less than 20 minutes each, so no procrastinating!

Research: You’ll also get a PDF with the research base for the topic. It’s for those of you who want to dig deeper into the academic aspect, because you may be a nerd like me! Otherwise, forget about them…

Worksheet(s): These are reflective and practical so you take ACTION! They’re also evidence-based, so you’re not wasting time on things that simply sound good. Set aside about an hour to do them.

The Lessons

The 3 lessons build upon each other, so do them in sequence. you’re able to recognize the voices that don’t serve you, and intentionally call upon the ones that do.

The Inner Child

You’ll understand why you talk to yourself the way you do, what your needs and vulnerabilities are, and the core beliefs that are often hidden very deep.

The Inner Critic

You’ll be able to recognize the many voices of your inner critic, what it says and how, when it shows up the most, and why it wants you to react a certain way.

The Inner Guide

You’ll create (quite literally) a lasting best friend that’s always by your side, and learn how strengthen its voice so it can deal with a pesky inner critic.


hidden very deep.

a certain way.

pesky inner critic.


Bonus: You’ll also get a worksheet that helps you easily tell the difference between your critic and your guide. Because the critic can tries to be clever…