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Manage Your Inner Critic and Grow Your Inner Guide

Evidence based strategies to replace your Inner Critic with your true voice

Is your Inner Critic so loud (and nasty) that you can’t hear your own voice?
Or perhaps so sly and convincing (and sometimes sweet) that you
no longer know your real voice?


You’re not alone!

MANY women have a particularly vocal Inner Critic.

It may be silent when they don’t raise their voice and run around fulfilling its demands.

But boy does it get loud when they’re about to step outside of their comfort zone and take those bold steps to their dreams. Or even think about doing so…

And boy does it loud when they stumble, fail or receive criticism. It raises the bar even higher or does what it can to make sure they never speak up, step out or show up fully again.

Many of us give in to its bullying

We let our ideas go unheard and our brilliance untapped
We silence our frustration of not bringing our full self to work or life
And we let that deep longing to make a difference desert us in search of someone else

If you struggling with your Inner Critic and wish you knew how to manage it, or if you’ve given in to its demands and given up on yourself, you’ve come to the right place!

This mini course will help you understand where your inner critic comes from, identify the many ways it shows up, and empower you with the tools to manage it effectively.

I’m so happy to introduce this mini-course to you on Managing your Inner Critic and Growing Your Inner Guide.

I created this course because in my work over the years, I’ve seen over and over again that the inner critic is often the single biggest barrier to the life we truly want to live, to the bold steps we want to take, to the impact we want to make, to the relationships of truth and vulnerability we want to have.

And its also very often the single biggest reason we end up with regrets, with disappointments, and feelings of stuck-ness or hopelessness. And sometimes its too late to change things. Which is such a sad loss of hidden potential and deeply desired dreams.

The simple process I share with you in this short course is one that’s solidly backed by academic research and that has helped hundreds of people I’ve coached and trained over the years. And its helped me deal with my own inner critic both through the biggest challenge I’ve faced, and through the smaller ones that are a part of our common human journey through life.

How it Works

Manage Your Inner Critic is a self-paced online course. It moves you through a cycle of deep understanding to practical application in a format that’s easy to access and engaging in content. Through the audios and worksheets, you’ll be able to take the learning and begin implementing it in your life from day 1. Because the Inner Critic definitely needs to take a back seat in your life going forward!

You’ll Also Get:

Audio Lessons: Each of the 3 lessons contains a short audio lesson that you can fit into the busiest of days. I don’t want the courses to be one more item that never gets ticked off your to-do list!

Worksheets: Each lesson also comes with one or more practical and evidence-based worksheets that translate the learning into a deeper understanding of your own life and into lasting behavioral changes.

Research: What you also get is a compilation of the research base behind everything we discuss in the course. This is to help those of you who want to dig deeper into the academic aspect alongside the application.

If you feel ashamed and alone when you hear the voice of your Inner Critic, or frustrated or stuck because you’ve been listening to it for way too long, or perhaps drained with trying to argue with it constantly (and we all know it never gives up), this mini-course can help you.

You’ll learn how to listen to it without reacting, and respond to it with the best of yourself

For the longest time I struggled with a loud and mean inner critic. I read every hack to deal with it. I argued with it, I challenged it, I even went to a cognitive behavioural therapist to help me get rid of it. Nothing changed much. But I can honestly say that the understanding and tools I’ve learnt through this course have brought me a freedom from the voice I never thought possible.

- Adrienne

I loved this course because its so practical and it helps me understand my mind so well. I’ve learnt to be so much more at peace with myself instead of beating up on myself all the time. And I’ve found so much strength inside of me that feels real, not like a mask to look strong.

- Ayesha Jamal

A kind, thorough and thoughtful teacher. Homaira has taught me to listen to my fears, to be stay with them, and to finally become my own best friend. I could do that to every one else except me. But now, its a new relationship where I feel so grounded and one with myself.

- Nancy P

The Lessons

Each of the 3 modules provides you with an understanding of the many voices within you – some fearful, some loud – and some not getting a word in! You’ll learn how to recognize and manage each one of them, so you reach out for your real goals and bring your true brilliance to life

The Inner Child
You’ll take an inner journey to get to know your needs and vulnerabilities, why you talk to yourself the way you do and the core beliefs that underlie your reactions.

The Inner Critic
You’ll get deep into the many faces of your inner critic, when it shows up the most, what it says and how it says it, and its underlying motives and intentions.

The Inner Guide
You’ll create a lasting best friend that never deserts you, strengthen its voice so it can deal with the Inner Critic, and learn the secrets to tell the difference between the two.

If you’re tired of letting the inner critic run your life, please join us.

I’ve kept the price as low as possible, so it doesn’t stop any of us from showing up fully in our one and precious lives!


How much time do I need?
The course is purposefully designed to take no more than an hour or two of your time from start to finish, depending on how deeply you reflect on the learning or the worksheets. The practical strategies offered are meant to become part of your day – and life – not taking up any more of less of your time!

How long can I access the course?
The course is yours to keep for the lifetime of the course. It’s a lifestyle course, which means you may need reminders to change old habits that may not be serving you well. Or to show up fully when life throws you a curve ball and you react in self-defeating ways. You’ll access them by logging in to your account.

How is this course different?
The course is grounded on a pioneering and research backed framework of self-confidence that I’ve created, and filled with practical and evidence-based strategies that you can begin to implement right away. It will help you break through the barriers that exist at a subconscious level so that you can become the leader of your own life.

What if I’ve never taken an online course before?
I want to assure you that the technical aspect of these courses is very intuitive! Me and my technical team have worked hard to create an experience that’s easy and engaging. You log in, listen to short audios and complete the worksheets online or by printing them out. If you face any technical trouble at all, just email us at hello@homairakabir.com and we’ll sort it out asap!

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