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Positive Psychology Coach
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Self Worth Researcher
Helping Women Own Their Voices and Their Lives

Official Bio

Homaira Kabir is a positive psychology coach, a cognitive behavioral therapist and a researcher on women’s self-worth who has over 10 years of experience coaching and training women in leadership and wellbeing. She is also the creator of Own Your Voice, a research backed and evidence based leadership program that helps women develop the confidence to speak up, share their ideas, take bold risks and grow in work and life. The program is based on her pioneering framework on developing leadership presence by building implicit feelings of self-worth and connecting to their authentic expression.

Her work lies at the crossroads of cutting edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience, and of contemplative practices that help connect inwards. Her unique approach blends the forward momentum of practical strategies with the inner work that’s essential for moving past self-debilitating subconscious beliefs and create inner transformation.

With a Master’s degree in positive psychology and coaching psychology, and as a MentorCoach certified coach, Homaira takes a unique approach to women’s leadership that blends head and heart, knowledge and practice, compassion and courage and speaks to a woman’s inherent paradox.

She is a widely published writer who blogs regularly for Happify, Forbes, the Huffington Post, Positive Psychology News Daily, and her articles have been featured in the Daily Good, Positivity Daily, Live Happy and more. Her writing has helped thousands of women move beyond their fears and self-doubt, embrace their true worth, and own their purposeful voice.

If you want to understand who I am, and why I do what I do, I’ve written the real journey of how I got here. Because I think that ultimately our journeys are all the same. That we each struggle with our own fears and self-doubt. That we each are immersed deep in mental stories that don’t always serve us well. And that regardless of where we are or what we’ve been through, we each yearn to make the most of this precious life and leave our mark in the world.

I was young when Edna (the name I gave my eating disorder) entered my life. She had heard my unvoiced feelings of “not enough” even though I never heard them myself, and decided to make me feel adequate in her own destructive way. And it took and long and often painful inner journey to listen to the fears that imprisoned me, and to free myself to live the true calling of my heart.

And so I pursued a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and did extensive research on women’s self-worth so I understand why women struggle with seeing their brilliance, and what they can do to live their best lives.

Today, I bring my personal journey, my academic background and many years of coaching practice to women around the world. I help them remove the masks that are underpinned by feelings of shame, deficiency and perpetual self-doubt. And to connect to the human need to find a meaningful purpose, to lead with authenticity, and to realize their full potential.

Where Are You in Your Life’s Journey?

Are you struggling to accept yourself and stop shaming yourself with your inner dialogue?

Do you doubt yourself constantly, and sabotage your success despite knowing you’re capable?

Do you give in to your emotions and are unable to identify or persist with a long-term vision?

Or are you searching for more flow, grace and meaning in how you show up in your life?

If any of this feels true, I want you to take a deep breath and know that you’re right where you’re meant to be. Everything in your life has been preparing you for this moment of unease. It’s a call for the inner journey of self-discovery that’ll open up to your full potential.

When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move

Chinese Proverb

I want us all to be able to answer its call. Because when we do, we move beyond ourselves to bring about change where needed, and in the process find fulfillment and inspire others to do the same. And when we don’t, we live lives of regret, powerlessness and inner emptiness, masking the pain with futile and superficial pursuits that don’t bring us lasting happiness. Because they can’t.

Everything on my website is about helping you embrace your truth, find your voice and live your life, so you show up as the kind, compassionate and gutsy woman you truly are.

I’m so glad you’re here!


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