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Let’s all live our most joyous, most meaningful lives

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We live in revolutionary times.

The state of affairs of our world is bewildering. Heinous acts against the unprotected and the helpless. A lack of justice and compassion towards fellow beings. An utter disregard for a planet that’s just as alive as you and me.

Our disconnect with the world is symptomatic of the widening disconnect within ourselves. If we’re to help our planet move forward in its journey and ensure the survival of our future generations, we have to take the journey in. We have to reconnect to the values, strengths and passions that once brought us alive, because thats what the world needs most from us.

Will it be easy? Likely not.

In our work and organizations, we’re forced to play by the rules of Patriarchy. Its what’s valued and what’s rewarded. Outside of work, we’re subject to forces that feed the emotional brain that wants instant gratification.

And not the conscious brain that seeks meaning.

But we want it. As women, we’re at a stage in our common evolution where we’re looking for meaning from our relationships and our work. As a teacher, a doctor, an entrepreneur, an artist. As a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend. How we show up is the most courageous and most meaningful work we’re here to do.

If this vision speaks to you, remember that you don’t have to fix the entire world all at once. You simply have to untwist yourself so you connect back to your truth. So you own it. Because it’s there that you’ll find your purposeful voice, and make your mark in helping our planet through its rebirth into a more diverse, compassionate and conscious emergence.

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