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Do you struggle to speak up, step out
and show up fully in your life?

My work is about helping every woman find the confidence to speak up, share her ideas, take important risks and pursue her dreams with her full feminine power

  • Its born out of the pain of seeing brilliant women blind to their brilliance, not able to own their voice, and struggling to speak up for what they want or believe in
  • Its born out of the frustration of seeing women know that they’re capable and yet unable to take bold risks despite really wanting to
  • Its born out of my personal struggles to believe in myself, my worth and my abilities despite my successes or achievements
  • And its born out of the need of our world crying out for more of the feminine

Many years of working with wonderful women, and spent researching why women play small, fear threats as much as opportunities, and stop short of stepping up to bring about change in their workplaces and in the world has taught me a thing or two about owning our voices.

Women speak up when they speak their truth. Women are powerful when they find their purposeful voice. And yet, ever since we’re born, we’re taught to disconnect ourselves from our truth.

We’re rewarded for good girl behaviors that are true to parental and societal expectations. And when we’re older, we’re penalized for these same behaviors in our organizations – and then penalized some more for being too aggressive (when we’re assertive) and unlikeable (when we’re competent) and shunned by men and women alike.

Is This You?

Do you want to let go of fears and self-doubt and live with less drain and negativity?
Are you searching for a meaningful purpose? Or maybe searching for who you are…
Do you want to settle for nothing less than the most rewarding life (and the least regrets)?
Are you looking to expand the impact you’re making – at home, in your workplace or beyond?
Do you want to believe fully in yourself, and move past the stuckness of simply knowing you’re competent?

Are you desperate to stop twisting yourself like a pretzel to fit into expectations of who and how you should be, and want the freedom to reach for the biggest version of who you can be?

But you don’t know how!!

Here’s Help!

The mini-courses below are designed to help you untie yourself from the double bind of competence and likeability by connecting to your authentic expression. They're grounded in pioneering and evidence-based program I've developed over the years, and targeted to address the key psychological components of lasting (vs yo-yoing) self-worth.

This mini course will help you understand where your inner critic comes from, identify the many ways it shows up, and empower you with the tools to manage it effectively.


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Is your Inner Critic so loud (and nasty) that you can’t hear your own voice? Or perhaps so sly and convincing (and sometimes sweet) that you no longer know your real voice? You’re not alone! For many reasons that we’ll address in the course, women have a particularly vocal Inner Critic that does what it can to stop them from speaking up, showing up, and stepping into their full power.

If you feel ashamed and alone when you hear the voice of your Inner Critic, or frustrated or stuck because you’ve been listening to it for way too long, or perhaps drained with trying to argue with it constantly (and we all know it never gives up), this mini-course can help you.

What you’ll gain is the ability to listen to it without reacting, and respond in the wisest and most balanced way possible.

Part 1: Know your vulnerabilities – recognize when it shows up and why
Part 2: Recognize the voice of fear – separate your fears from the truth
Part 3: Build a lasting best friend – change the way you relate to yourself for good!

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This mini course will take you on a journey from who you are to who you want to become, and help you build a personal brand that’s tied to your powerful authentic expression.


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More often than not, women are disconnected with who they truly are. Early experiences and societal expectations can blind us to the many strengths and passions that lie within us – often untapped.

These same external expectations can also drive us to pursue goals that are unaligned with our dreams and desires. What results is the pursuit of an Ought Self that’s full of “shoulds”, devoid of energy and unable to bring us lasting happiness.

This mini course will help you on the journey to your Ideal Self by making changes, some small and some bigger, to how you show up every day, so you live your life with joy and meaning.

Part 1: Connect to who you truly are – uncover your strengths, values and passions
Part 2: Understand the longings of your heart – align them with your dreams and goals
Part 3: Work towards it with the best of yourself – create a personal brand and powerful habits

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This mini course will empower you to address issues that are uncomfortable, engage in them from a place of truth and manage the criticism or judgment that may follow.


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Have you been avoiding a difficult conversation with your boss or colleague (or even your partner)? Or perhaps reacting negatively to other people’s comments or criticism, even their subtle facial expressions or dismissive body language?

Are you feeling angry or unhappy as a result and wish you could surround yourself with praise? Or that you had the courage to speak up for what you want and express how you feel without the fear of rejection? If so, this mini-course will help you change your take on conflict, criticism and arguments and empower you with practical tools and strategies to engage in courageous conversations AND deal with the judgment or criticism that may follow – because that’s what often stops us from speaking up in the first place!

Part 1: Prepare yourself well – learn strategies to manage your doubts and emotions
Part 2: Stay centered during the conversation – and not let other people’s emotions derail you
Part 3: Face criticism with courage – so you don’t spiral down in shame and blame

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Ability to Set Boundaries

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with saying no and ending up with every one else’s work on my plate. This course has helped with say yes to only the things that are important and no to those that I’ll regret taking on later. And the best part – I don’t feel guilty about it!

-Mary Renauld

Finally Have Clarity

I struggle with the downsides of creativity. I have way too many ideas that I can implement in a life time, and for the longest time, I would keep running after one or the other with no clear direction. Although I took this course because I was overwhelmed, I never knew it would also help me clarify my direction and bring all my creative energy in one place. Thank you sincerely!

-Jackie Hollester

Amazing, practical content

What’s truly special about this course is that all the knowledge is so implementable. Everything in the course is geared towards taking action to relieve stress, and the benefits you feel are almost instant.

-Irsa Petrov

Here’s What You Get

All the mini courses are online and self-paced. They’re broken down into 3 parts, each addressing a specific concept related to the topic, and taking you on a journey from understanding to practical application in your life.

Audio Lessons:
Each of the 3 parts have a short audio lesson that you can fit into the busiest of days. I don’t want the courses to be one more item that never gets ticked off your to-do list! Studies show that completion rates of online courses are abysmal – and I want to make it ultra-easy for you to complete the courses so you benefit from them and bring about change in your life.

Each part also comes with a practical and evidence-based worksheet (and sometimes more) that takes the learning and helps you translate it into behavioral changes. Knowing without doing cannot bring about change – and while there’s no shortage of knowledge in the world, there’s also a lot of stuck individuals looking for change.

Every mini course also comes with a compilation of the research base behind everything we discuss in the course. This is to help those of you who want to dig deeper into the academic aspect – in the lessons I focus mainly on the application because that’s where you’ll see the biggest change in your life!

Hi, I’m Homaira Kabir, and I’m so glad to see you here on this page! I’m a positive psychology coach and trainer, on a passionate journey to help women grow the confidence they need to speak up, share their ideas, take bold risks and show up fully at work and in their lives.

If it’s your first time getting to know me, you can read more about my work here. In a nutshell though, I’ve spent many years researching confidence because a lack of it affects far too many women – and often we aren’t even aware of it! I’ve developed and researched a pioneering framework that can help women step out of the downward spirals of low self-worth, by connecting to their authentic expression. Because it’s there that they believe in their worth and find their purposeful voice.

The mini-courses on this page (and I’ll be adding more) address the many components of the framework, each designed to help you connect to your feminine identity and empower you with practical tools and strategies to show up more fully in your life.

Because you owe it to yourself. And you owe it to the world that’s desperate for you to shine your light.


How much time do I need?
The courses are purposefully designed to take no more than an hour or two of your time at the most, depending on how deeply you reflect on the learning or the worksheets. The practical strategies offered are meant to become part of your day – and life – not taking up any more of less of your time!

How long can I access the courses?
The courses are yours to keep for the lifetime of the course. They’re lifestyle courses, which means you may need reminders to change old habits that may not be serving you well. Or to show up fully when life throws you a curve ball and you react in self-defeating ways. You’ll access them by logging in to your account.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes! However we request that you complete the course, and consistently implement the changes for 30 days before you request a refund. This is because you’re often changing patterns of thought and behavior that may have been decades in the making. If you see no change at all at the end of this period, please write to us at hello@homairakabir.com within 6 weeks of your purchase and we will gladly process a full refund. Please send us your completed worksheets and reason for a refund – it’ll help me make the courses even better!

How are these courses different?
These courses are unique in that they’re tailored to help women build the confidence they need to speak up, step out and show up fully in their lives. They’re based on a research backed framework of self-confidence and filled with practical and evidence-based strategies that you can begin to implement right away.

Do I need to take all of them?
Not unless you’d like to! Each mini-course addresses a unique topic. Although they’re each part of the psychological construct of self-worth, you may need to work on just one or a few of them. You’re the best judge as to which one(s) are applicable in your situation, so feel to take as little or as many as you’d like. I’ll be adding more over time.

What if I’ve never taken an online course before?
I want to assure you that the technical aspect of these courses is very intuitive! Me and my technical team have worked hard to create an experience that’s easy and engaging. You log in, listen to short audios and complete the worksheets online or by printing them out. If you face any technical trouble at all, just email us at hello@homairakabir.com and we’ll sort it out asap!

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