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Are you looking for an engaging speaker who can help your team build their leadership presence?

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker who can educate and empower your female employees to speak up, share their ideas, take risks and initiatives, and elevate their ambitions and leadership potential, look no further!

Homaira is a self-worth researcher who coaches and trains women in leadership and wellbeing. She is the creator of Own Your Voice, a research backed and evidence based leadership program that is based on her pioneering framework of developing leadership presence by building implicit beliefs of identity and self-worth.

Her talks and programs cut through the noise and confusion around female leadership by bringing the latest in academic research, business statistics and insights from psychology and neuroscience. And she infuses this with ancient wisdom, mindfulness practices, and years of experience to deliver a meaningful experience that empowers participants with immediate actions towards lasting change.

She holds a Master’s degree in positive psychology and coaching psychology, and as a MentorCoach certified coach with over a decade of coaching experience, Homaira takes a unique approach to women’s leadership that blends head and heart, knowledge and practice, compassion and courage and speaks to a woman’s inherent paradox.

Her work has been featured in multiple publications from Forbes to The Huffington Post to Happify and has helped women from all walks of life own their truth, their worth and their voices.

2 Ways of Working with Homaira:

• A Keynote Presentation or a Custom Webinar
• A Customized Own Your Voice Training Series

Keynotes and Webinars

Homaira regularly speaks in organizations and with diverse women’s groups on topics of specific interest to women in leadership roles.

Here are some of the most requested topics:

Leadership Development

The 3-legged stool of Female Leadership: What they are, what’s missing sometimes, what’s missing most times, and what we can do to build them

From Ego to Eco: What stops women from supporting other women, and what we can do to build a pipeline of strong female leadership

Rising to the Top: A job, a career and a calling, and why a woman’s journey to success and fulfillment lies in the pursuit of a calling

The 3 journeys of today’s working women: Identifying and harnessing the power of each to make work engaging, energizing and meaningful

Individual Transformation

Authentic Confidence: The REAL reason women fear taking risks – and what we can do about it so we harness the opportunities in today’s complex and volatile world

The Imposter Syndrome: What it is, why we have it and what we can do to develop the confidence to take risks

Self-Acceptance: The forces that disconnect us from who we are and the inner journey to finding our voices, our passion and our wisdom

Managing Stress and Building Resilience: A woman’s survival kit for real-time and ongoing stresses that are part of a working mother’s life

Please get in touch if you would like to have Homaira deliver a presentation to your team or speak at an event in your organization.

The Own Your Voice Program

We need more women and greater diversity in our workplaces than ever before given the challenges we face of a complex and ever-changing world. And yet, most women are struggling to share their ideas, speak up in meetings and grow their leadership presence despite the time, effort and money spent in leadership development.

I’ve spent many years researching the gap between a woman’s competence and her confidence to take the risks that are critical to an organization’s growth and success. My research is built upon the work of many brilliant minds in social psychology, positive psychology, organizational psychology, not to mention leadership studies, gender studies, and evolutionary studies.

What has resulted is Own Your Voice, a pioneering and evidence-based program* that helps women build implicit feelings of confidence in order to find their purposeful voice.

*The program was studied in a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) with a longitudinal experimental design. The outcomes showed promising results in building multiple aspects of leadership for the 142 working women from a variety of professions and career stages who participated in the program.

Benefits of the Own Your Voice Program:

  • Increased courage to speak up in meetings and communicate and negotiate with presence
  • Greater agency and a belief in their ideas and ability to take risks and bring about change
  • Greater autonomy and a sense of purpose that drives their decisions
  • The ability to manage self-doubt, take risks and learn from the outcomes
  • The ability to identify and work through limiting beliefs and subconscious biases
  • Increased empathy and an ability to engage in win-win communication
  • Increased sense of engagement, commitment and meaning in their work
  • Desire to mentor and sponsor other women and build a pipeline of female leadership potential


  • A Webinar series offered completely online
  • A Series of 2 hour of half day Workshops
  • A combination of online and in-person delivery

All participants will be registered on an online platform where they’ll receive recordings of the sessions, and worksheets and additional material that will help them take the learning forward after the sessions.

Please get in touch to discuss your employees’ and organization’s unique needs.
We’ll be happy to customize the Own Your Voice program for your team.


Homaira is the creator and teacher of the Own Your Voice leadership program that has participants from around the world

Homaira earned her Masters degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London, which houses the second largest Positive Psychology program in the world, taught by renowned instructors and researchers in the field

Homaira is a certified coach from MentorCoach, an internationally recognized coach training community that specializes in Positive Psychology Coaching

Homaira has been featured in numerous publications and writes regularly for Forbes, the Huffington Post, Happify, Positive Psychology News Daily and numerous other publications

Homaira’s work is a blend of head and heart, inner work and skills training that addresses the inner blockages that women experience in a way that speaks to their inherent paradox


Homaira has a thorough understanding of the psychological construct of self-worth, and how it plays out in women’s lives, in their relationships and in the workplace. With her deep knowledge of the science of positive psychology and her long-standing expertise in coaching, I highly recommend her to help women build optimal self-worth towards their most successful and meaningful lives.

-Dr. Itai Ivtzan, Associate Professor Naropa University

Working with Homaira Kabir was a provocative and thoughtful experience. Her voice is soothing and gentle, yet she does not shy away from tackling some challenging issues that may be getting in the way of our confidence and success. The biggest change I’ve noticed is how rooted my self-confidence is in early childhood experiences and how those formative experiences still shape my life today, and how important it is to be mindful and stay present. Her course is filled with citations that help make the case of why the course is tackling a particular subject or why the exercises help us open up to be more confident.

-Kathleen P., Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend Homaira as a coach for women. Her insights on a woman’s self-worth, confidence, and fulfillment are based on the latest research. I know women in the business world need her talents more than ever as we’re seeing women losing their ambition when facing gender obstacles at work.

-Nancy Clark, Director Forbes WomenMedia

Homaira’s presentation resonated with all our female leaders. Her compelling approach combines the latest cutting-edge research with simple, evidence-based practices to make measurable change. Her talk will engage an audience intellectually and emotionally and ensure no participant leaves without at least one valuable take-away!

- JESSICA AMORTEGUI, Senior Director, Learning and Development, Logitech

Homaira Kabir is a trusted voice in helping overcome the self-doubt and fear that hold so many people back from achieving the life they most desire. She not only offers scientifically sound principles and cutting-edge research, she also shares practical, actionable steps you can implement right away to begin improving your life today.

-Sandra Joseph, Broadway Speaker and Performer

If you would like to have Homaira deliver a talk, webinar or workshop in your organization, please get in touch!

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