Is your confidence

Grounded or Fragile?

The 12 questions in this research backed quiz will help you identify what's getting in the way of where you want to be when it comes to your happiness, success and fulfillment.

Because self-awareness is the first step to personal and professional growth!

What You’ll Learn

-Do I have grounded confidence?
-Is it dependent on things outside my control?
-If so, what’s it dependent on?
-Steps I can take to build lasting confidence

Who Should Take it

-If you seek approval
-If you get stuck by failure or criticism
-If you’re always pushing and proving yourself
-If you’ve a loud inner critic that never gives you a break

How the Quiz Works

The 12 questions are on a 4 point scale from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Click on the one that best describes you. YOu’ll get your results at the end by entering your email. Enjoy!


hi! My name is Homaira.

I’m a coach, mentor, researcher, writer. And passionate about helping women win at work, live with joy, and become everything they’re capable of being. 

My work is based on my postgraduate research in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. The framework I’ve developed will help you strengthen your inner world, and meet the outside world with clarity, courage and grounded confidence. Welcome to the journey!