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My passion to help you believe in yourself and live your most fulfilling life underlies my coaching practice.

I began working with women over a decade ago, initially as a psychotherapist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, and then as a positive psychology coach helping women rise to their highest potential. And in all this time, I’ve seen again and again that those of us who embrace life fully and accomplish we they set out to achieve, are the ones who value and appreciate who we are and what we’re capable of.

Our self-image determines our actions – and for many women, this self-image is not consistently positive.

Despite our unique qualities and capabilities, and despite the substantial gains we’ve made towards our liberation over the decades, my research and experience has shown me that the vast majority of us still struggle to own our worth. You can read about my research here

I’m committed to changing that. Because I know that when women change their relationship with themselves, they’re capable of stepping out of the patriarchy (both within them and around them), to lead with grit and authentic power, and to bring about change in their homes, workplaces and beyond.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”

-Carl Rogers

Today, my coaching practice is about helping women from around the world believe in themselves, clarify their purpose, expand their vision, and take purposeful action towards their deeply desired goals. My work is grounded in positive psychology, neuroscience, a wealth of experience, and a solid belief that within each of us lies brilliance waiting to be tapped and a deep desire to make a difference to the world. Read my bio for more

What this means for you

As a positive psychology coach, the underlying essence of my work is about helping you live with greater intention by focusing on what matters most to you. I’ve developed a unique framework that’s based on integration and that helps you close your inner divide and show up fully in the world.

You’ll develop deeper appreciation both of yourself and your interactions with your world. You’ll embrace your strengths without rejecting your weaknesses. You’ll use your feminine and masculine qualities in the right amount at the right time. You’ll tap into the power of your mind while holding space for your heart, so you rise with grit and grace even in the midst of life’s challenges.

You’ll also understand the opposing motivations that drive you, because as humans, we live in the paradox of the animal and the divine. And as you do so, you’ll become better empowered to take charge of your life, move forward intentionally in a meaningful direction, and inspire others to do the same.

This may mean coaching towards:

  • Career Satisfaction and/or Advancement
  • Healthy and Flourishing Relationships
  • Meaning and Purpose in Life
  • Self-Acceptance, Self-worth and Identity

What you can expect from me

My role can best be described as the orchestra conductor in the symphony of your life. Depending on where you want to see change in your life, my work may involve helping you with any or all of the following:

Make sense of your past, move through the mindsets, fears and doubts that hold you back, and develop authentic confidence by connecting to your core values

Sift between the essence and the noise, prioritize your time and stay focused on your personally defined goals

Develop grit and presence, expand your vision and comfort zone, and take calculated risks that enhance your learning and growth

Accept what you cant control, open up to mystery and a deep appreciation of others and life, and find meaning in your experiences

And all of this with evidence based tools and strategies while asking you tough questions and holding you accountable, but also being your greatest advocate and cheer-leader as you overcome your fears and challenges and create positive change for yourself and for those around you.

Our work begins with 1 free twenty minute consulting call where I gain clarity on your goals and on the challenges that block you, and you ask me any questions you may have about how I work.

If you decide to continue, you’ll purchase a 4-session package and login to our online platform where you’ll schedule our coaching calls at a time that works best for you. This is also where we’ll stay in touch between phone sessions, and where I’ll be uploading worksheets that’ll support you towards your goals.

If you’re committed to bringing about change in your life and interested in scheduling a free call, please do so by clicking below.

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