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Email Coaching

Email coaching is offered as a substitute for 1-1 coaching* OR as a retainer after coaching.

Email coaching is fast becoming the new frontier in coaching.

It’s an affordable option to support you in your journey without the costs of 1-1 coaching, the limitations of a set time and the uncertainty of space in your coach’s calendar.

Best of all, it provides you with the help you need when you need it.

Why I Offer Email Coaching

Over the years, I’ve often seen how budget and scheduling constraints have kept individuals from receiving timely coaching support to help them achieve their goals. And studies back this up: people who persevere with their mental and behavioral goals are the ones who have adequate support and knowledgeable guidance through the momentary challenges that are part of every goal pursuit.

I want everyone who is committed to bringing about change in their lives, to have access to the guidance, motivation and accountability that is part of a coaching relationship. Email coaching allows for this possibility, with its low cost and flexible format.

What’s more, research shows that the thoughtful process of writing (as in an email) can help clients identify patterns, make sense of challenges and come up with their own answers. Over time, email coaching helps you become your own coach.

What This Means For


Email coaching is not your regular email interaction! I bring a solid structure drawn from science and experience to ground the momentary focus of your pressing challenges into the larger framework of the mindsets and beliefs that hold you back, and the life’s direction that pulls you forward.

A focus on the what’s already working, on risk-taking and vulnerability, on grace and resilience, and on building your grit towards what matters most to you are just some of the topics an email coaching relationship addresses.

What you can expect from me

Active support, practical advice and customized strategies

Assessments that help you make sense of your experiences

Worksheets with tools to manage your mind and take action

Replies to your emails within 24 hours

The peace of mind knowing that you’re well supported through your challenges and towards your goals.

I’ve been a monthly subscriber to Homaira’s email coaching for 5 months, and I would advise everyone to invest in email coaching as a gift to ourselves. It gives me the peace of mind that I’ll never regret not having that one piece of guidance when I needed it the most.


I was always anxious about ending coaching sessions with Homaira. But thanks to email coaching I’ve felt fully supported ever since, and so grateful for having the guidance I need when I need it.


Email coaching has helped me in the most critical moments of my life. When I was deciding between jobs, when I was feeling overwhelmed at work and guilty about my role as a mother, when I had an accident and was forced to stay at home for almost 4 months, the questions that Homaira forced me to reflect on always helped me steer in the right direction.


Is Email Coaching Right For


Despite its many benefits, email coaching may not always be the right fit for you. A few factors can contribute to this:

The challenges you’re facing. Email coaching works best when its goal is to take action. But sometimes you may be in need of making sense of your situation and finding meaning in your challenges.

Your personality. Email coaching is best suited for those individuals who’re seeking guidance and accountability. But you may be more attuned to human connection, and need it to build the courage to take action.

Your readiness for change. Change happens in a series of stages, and email coaching is most effective if you’re at the ‘action’ stage. But if you’re at an earlier stage, you may be in need to building awareness or motivation before you can take action.

Your resilience levels. Email coaching is for individuals who feel at least moderately resilient in the face of their challenges. But if you feel daunted by what you’re facing, you may need to work on your resilience levels first.

These are just some examples of where regular Coaching Sessions will serve you much better.

But if you’re looking to bounce off ideas or seek advice, wanting to brainstorm and strategize your career and life decisions, dealing with life’s persistent or unexpected challenges, or are working on turning positive changes into lasting habit (that can take months), email coaching is an effective, affordable and flexible option.

Here’s How It


Email coaching is a monthly subscription where you get personal and unlimited email support for less than the price of a single coaching session.

We begin with a 2 session Design Journey that helps us gain clarity on your passions and purpose, identify some of the mindsets, beliefs and challenges that may getting in the way, and create a structured plan of action for the way forward. After this initial process, you transition to monthly email coaching where I fully support you in your goal pursuit on an online platform where I upload worksheets as needed and answer your emails within 2 working days.

You can cancel the monthly subscription as soon as you feel ready to take back charge of your life.

If you’re an existing client and wish to sign up for the email coaching monthly subscription only (without the Design Journey), please use the button below.

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