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we’re all about elevating your life and making it more meaningful, connected and alive

Our name reflects our approach—we’re not about rose-colored glasses that make you feel good in the moment, but with little to fall back on when life gets real. We embrace the paradox of life—beautiful and broken—and take a gentler, more receptive way forward that honors the responsibilities, resources and constraints of your inner and outer world.

GPP has 3 offerings based on our motto of “science with a soul”. We offer validated tools and frameworks, and reflective readings and audios to meet you where you are.

The Membership

Ever wondered what stops you from playing big and living the boldest version of your life? Ever felt frustrated that you can’t break free of patterns you know are getting in the way of your joy or success? And ever considered whether it may be because you have the wrong kind of confidence

The Goodbye Perfect program is a 20-week transformative journey with a research backed curriculum, insightful coaching, and unmatched support that builds the psychological components of the right kind of confidence. Whether you’re looking to uplevel your career, take charge of your health and wellbeing, or create more fulfilling relationships, the program will empower you to create real change in your life.

The Program

A well-lived life is not a set of sprints. It’s not a course here, a workshop there, a retreat once in a while that makes you feel good. And then the return to the real world that throws you darts and pulls you away from yourself.

A well-lived life is a marathon. It’s an ongoing journey of ups and downs, of joys and sorrows, of people who hurt you and those who heal you. And it needs constant support because who was ever meant to do this challenging thing alone?

The Goodbye Perfect membership is this support system. Consider it a library that offers you science backed tools, insights, audio teachings, meditations, mini-courses and coaching to face life’s mixed bundle with grit and grace. Reach for what you want as you want it.

The Book

Goodbye Perfect: How to Stop Pleasing, Proving and Pushing for Others…And Live for Yourself brings you a science backed framework from my research on confidence, woven with my personal journey through an eating disorder.

What it offers you is an understanding of that all too familiar voice in the head that drives us to be more of something—good, competent, productive, likable, thin, sexy, knowledgeable—in one word, perfect. Because no matter how hard you try or how well you do, it will always be ether. And woe to you if you fail, face a setback or get criticized…

The book will take you through a journey that builds the psychological components of true confidence so you grow into the bold and brilliant woman you came here to be.